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, for example, has fewer than 3% of firms with venture capital firms, women’s CEO, and 85% of companies do not have women in the executive team. On the other hand, only 1% of companies have black founders. In contrast, 90% of the founders are white, and 83% of the founders of the enterprise are all made up of white people. Finally, most entrepreneurs with capital support receive diplomas from specific universities.

admittedly, most consumers are not experienced financiers. They prefer shopping and enjoying service. So far, they haven’t invested in a company, of course, because they can’t invest. They did read the stories of the early investors who had a lot of insight and invested in Facebook, and so on, but they knew they weren’t the people of that circle, or that they would too

of course, VCs invest only less than 1% of all US businesses – all of which go to hundreds of Companies in Silicon Valley, Losangeles and New York. We are not surprised at this point, because these cities are a pioneer in education and experience and have a very talented entrepreneur. However, too much of these cities and regions cannot represent the interests of the other half of the United States, who live in the central part of the United States and are characterized by a diversity of nations.

venture industry may be one of the most important channels of venture capital. It has successfully created many industry giants around the world, such as shlf1314, apple, Microsoft, and so on. Without VCs, the vast majority of firms in these industries do not exist. Furthermore, VC plays a crucial role in the technological progress of a country. Many people do not know that the first place in the U. S. export industry is the sale of intellectual property rights such as software and hardware, movies.

in 2015, venture capitalists made about $60 billion in total investment. In terms of par value, this figure is undoubtedly staggering. But nearly 600 thousand of new businesses are established in the United States each year, and if the funds are shared equally among them, each enterprise can get up to $100 at most.


in April 2012, President Obama signed the JOBS bill, and announced that Americans can finance from ordinary investors. But the media reacted coldly – suggesting that Americans seem to have little idea of this revolutionary bill.

, if you want to search engines quickly included and frequently updated your website, create a website map is necessary. Especially shlf1314, usually update speed is slow, if there is site map assistance, can better update included.

I read on shlf1314’s own web site to create a site map example, see I am very dizzy, don’t feel good. Later, through other ways to find several versions of the map creation tool, I feel the effect is good. There are automatically generated by writing programs, and there are also direct online mapping tools.

1. Quick site map creation

Several steps below

start to create a site map:

English interface: xml-sitemaps/

map file generation, first downloaded to the local, and then uploaded to the site with the directory.

by the above steps easily create a site map.

2. Ideal site map creation tool

in the use of all site map, often find some place in want of perfection. For example, I often need to wait for the site map to generate a period of time, and then save to the corresponding directory, and then upload. This process, if done every day, is a waste of time and effort, and the process is boring. In order to improve work efficiency, my idea is as follows:

has a built-in site builder, through a variety of parameters can generate configuration requirements of the site map.

The parameters can be configured with


each file can be generated for exceeding the prescribed, automatically create a new site map shlf1314 map for number of general requirements for each file is not more than 5000, more than 5000 lines need regenerating a new map file;

so you know what I’m going to say now,

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan


takes the JOBS program as an example. The bill promises to provide entrepreneurs with access to funding from ordinary investors. The venture capitalist scoffed at the bill privately. Because they believe that ordinary investors do not invest in the mind, and if the direct investment opportunities for these people, ordinary investors will certainly lose money.

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