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Undrip is that it can track the user’s social behavior and filter out the "noise" that is useless to the user". Unlike Flipboard and other services, Undrip does not categorize information by topic, but classifies it according to its relevance to the user.


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so far, Undrip has financing $850 thousand, its application in App Store provides free download. Undrip said that by offering services, the company will be able to understand user preferences and relationships. And because of the adoption of a variety of social networking models, the company will be rich and complete data. The company will use it as a basis for commercialization.

Undrip is a iOS application that integrates information from multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path, and Pinterest, in a unified interface. However, the service does not display all the information, but filters out irrelevant content such as Facebook status updates, Foursquare check-in status, and "Farmville" game dynamics.

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Undrip: social networking platform for filtering information noise

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iOS version Undrip download address: Undrip


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through the Undrip, users can carry on the Facebook "praise" and "Twitter" on the "forwarding" and other functions, and the use of the same way as the original site. In addition, the application also provides a "dumping" model. In this mode, Undrip will not be customized, but all social networking information will be filtered and presented to the user.

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typically, Internet users open multiple social networking services and use them at the same time. As more and more social networks are used, social information will appear on several different sites, and it is very inconvenient to look at these fragmented information. To solve this problem, this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference, a website called Undrip came into being.

Undrip URL: Undrip

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