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this age, the cost of entrepreneurship has reached a record low, no factories, manufacturing, and even rent the computer room do not have, through the Internet, perhaps 3 or 5 people can create something of great value. It also drives the technology giant in continuous investment ventures. In any case, the future belongs to young people, an innovative small company.

mobile Internet is explosive growth and profoundly change our lives, but if you look at the next five years, Li Kaifu believes that today’s changes may be insignificant. In the future, our life, entertainment, living and other aspects will be completely subverted, we must never use the past view to think of the future. For example, the computer of the future should know where you want to go, what you want to eat and where to go.

3, traditional accelerators and incubators also need to change. Accelerators and incubators compete with young angels. They must have their own specialty,

at the same time, Li Kaifu also judge clear today, including BAT, a giant very clearly see the tremendous value of a company has created innovative, but more difficult to subvert their own, can not put down the accumulation of the past. So they hit huge >!

from the capital market in 2014, shlf1314, sh419, Tencent, FB and other giants are spending a lot of money crazy investment, so Li Kaifu predicted that the future investment in this area will also be tremendous changes:

he believes that it is because of this era, start-up costs reached a record low, no factories, manufacturing, or even rent the room are not through the Internet, perhaps 3, 5 people will be able to create something of great value. It also drives the technology giant in continuous investment ventures. In any case, the future belongs to young people, an innovative small company.

brand promotion with this recipe, July

2, the founder of the first pot of gold, some continue to do business or do angel investment,

minus 500-1000 yuan each netizen net annual consumption in 300 yuan, 2002 online market capacity of about 4 billion 500 million yuan, the equivalent of a city a large business enterprises with annual sales of 3-4 times.

content online and offline

1 1 – 3 artificial

operating costs window low cost high

can display of goods is not limited Co.

gifts 2000/ days

City Downtown


1. in the table to store online ZIPPO store as an example.

2. month logged commodity total 300, 150 turnover, the average transaction price of 300 yuan of goods.

data show that in 2001, 10 million 650 thousand people have been Chinese in online purchase goods, accounting for 31.6% of the total number of Internet users Chinese, the proportion of Internet users in developed countries and individual users of e-commerce have been very close to the proportion of. E-commerce in China over the past few years

, Li Kaifu said, "if you want to hold the future, contact young people.". He mentioned that in addition to shlf1314, almost every new application was told by his daughter. In the future, this trend will be more serious. Today, ten year old, fifteen year old children are growing in the mobile Internet era, the future is what they created.

1, the first change is that the company is becoming more valuable

titanium media note: Recently, the "global innovation trend, opportunities and challenges of Taiwan – 2015 Innovation Forum" held in Taipei, Li Kaifu made the theme of "the digital revolution: the golden age of innovation and entrepreneurship" speech, he referred to the era of entrepreneurship today will bring greater opportunities than in human history. At any moment, the next 5 years, cloud big data and the Internet of things two revolution happened at the same time, bring huge business opportunities.

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