Where is the way to buy local websites in Taiyuan

From March 2010 the first

China group purchase website — the U.S. mission network in China began operations, group purchase net to monthly compound growth rate of 18% has created the annual total sales of about 2 billion yuan, with an average discount of 67% off to help China users to save about 4 billion yuan spending, and contributed 9% of the box office for the film industry China the highest single month, its popularity is fast enough to let shame all other new pattern of Internet including micro-blog.

behind the huge volume of transactions in the market, is the risk of capital continue to enter. Since April 2010, has been published on the site to buy investment has more than ten pens, a single investment of up to $110 million, greatly accelerated the development of the group buying market. Has won the national venture group purchase website has accelerated in the two or three line of the city layout, the U.S. group, handle, groupon.cn, full, tick group, 24 tickets have been opened in Taiyuan station, facing the capital, management and operational experience are far better than our group purchase group purchase website based on small and medium-sized predators, living space born more and more small, and the group purchase the initial site operators profit point and stretched, Taiyuan where the local group purchase website? The largest group purchase navigation network in Taiyuan (Dragon Group) that Taiyuan local group purchase website or have many advantages.

, the first domestic group purchase websites are relatively small scale, team number is relatively small, many of which are at the early stage of entrepreneurship, does not care about personal income, in addition to the open source code can download the group purchase website, domain name and website space costs are relatively low, computer, Internet access fees, rent and so on are added together, 10000 yuan enough, relatively low, which greatly reduces the operating costs of the site.

second, the majority of local group buying site operation team are locals, more understanding of the local people’s spending habits, their launch of the group buying products closer to the needs of local consumers.

third, local buy site more understanding of local businesses, can quickly find high-quality businesses, and there are some sites and local businesses have a special relationship, can get a very low discount.

fourth, local group purchase website can rely on its local network advantages, the initial operation by their relatives, friends, classmates, community and network relations, organized a small scale high-quality customers, save a lot of advertising costs.

as the saying goes, the wall long hard pressed local snakes, the local group purchase website more understanding of local market, more local market resources, as long as adhering to the "quality assurance, integrity is the fundamental" business and service concept, and constantly improve the management level, to innovate the existing group purchase mode, and continuously improve the user satisfaction, you can gradually expand customer base, in the fierce competition in the thousands group war to gain a foothold in development.

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