From the road all the way to praise and hiss after 90 entrepreneurial boom has declared deathSmall


but this routine on the 90 business tide time, and now a trend, the winter capital, 90 entrepreneurial companies exactly what is left to support the strength they share the sentimental strength? The past two years after 90 business frenzy in the way of flowers applause, to today’s tepid no, this is a harbinger of immortality, 90 entrepreneurial boom ended in a collective failure of

actually, after 90 business climax only lasted less than a year, they have continued to be negative news hit head broken and bleeding. Even today, or with gifts, said that the road ahead of the situation seems to be tantamount to the end of the wind painted a full stop.

concluded: we do not know how to do GG, I 500IP PV2500 only $5 a month, I do not think any head, so now I have only the king "website chart refused to hang a horse" the picture, but also let me stand in peace. Do website must think of making money, you do not want to make money yourself, how can you still earn money?. But to make money, use my head. I think the best way is to do business and sell. No matter what you sell, you can make money only if the product is sold


For example,

90 group was once the entrepreneurial hero of the times

text: no one else said, I only introduced my money through what means to earn?.

There will be a large number of capital willing to buy

, in 2014, after 90, start-ups in the era of capital Carnival to catch up with a wave of small waves, causing concern nationwide. Especially to Xu Xiaoping, IDG as a representative of all investors, extremely biased personality of this group of young people, but also hope to win this part of the mainstream Internet users welcome. It is investing in the investment after 90, as they are in ride a propaganda. In China, the absence of investment funds, and the lack of quality start-ups, investment funds need to advertise themselves and compete for investors.

600: I have done an advertisement website before, last month sold at 500IP PV2500 PR=2, a few months only more than 400 dollars, while the input domain name, space, and network cost and time and energy is much higher. This month, I thought for a long time, and finally decided to make a bigger site. I admit that the smaller the industry, the easier it is to do, just like I did on my last website. But because it is too small, the market is too small, and there is no clear profit model, so the result is too small station, traffic is small, the sale of money of course less. It took 2 weeks, and I made an advertising network. This collection of information is much richer, but since I only have 100M space, I can’t add any more space when I collect 2000 articles. My site put up, sh419 included, and then wait for the IP up. Only after 4 days, as if, IP was less than 100, there is a person plus my , find me to write the soft text.


then come back again, because in January K68 wrote in a 4 article got 640 bucks, so this time I’m in a special website do I write the advertisement column, and advertising on the site to write soft article". Originally just hanging up, holding the attitude of trying, I did not expect such a quick business. And then quickly said yes, I wrote him a text, I think it can be fixed; can not even. The 2 day, I wrote an article out, that is, this "my Internet wind and rain pioneering road", share with you today!" After they saw it, they felt satisfied, so they hit me 600 dollars and wrote 2. In this way, a week later, my soft text after delivery, they feel very satisfied, 600 yuan to earn!

is not the whole throughout the announcement, with large companies is more stable than 90 start-ups, but there are more expensive than big companies did not mention the contents of attitude, operation condition or event reason, neither poverty nor weakness, revealed "would rather die standing, never kneeling the glorious image.

a company to massive layoffs, tried to "bottom out" whitewash, they generally accepted "deceptive" rather than "self deception" is much better. While 90 startups is very honest, even with this generation to start well ingrained "conceit" gene.

it is in this situation, the horse Allison and Chen Anni as the representative of 90 entrepreneurs with personality label aura of blessing, in boosting capital blitz and the focus of the media, as many people in the eyes of "beauty and wisdom in one" God goddess. More importantly, their respected "90" label is also regarded by more people as a generation’s expression and accusation of reality, thus deepening the recognition and support of these 90 entrepreneurs.

notes: 940 yuan less, but I get online in April; many people earn more than I do, why I also write? Because I want to see those IP in 1000, even 5000IP, who can’t make 1000 bucks! Moreover, my 940 yuan comes clean, definitely not by any bad way to obtain!


90 starting from the beginning to the end, seems to always show distinctive.

the world to benefit the profit streams of people busily coming and going, that is to see the leading role of this group of 90 schmenterprise star in the crowd, and began to seek more capital betting 90 >

valuation of $two hundred million after 90 business gift company said recently openly said to continued layoffs, according to CEO, Wencheng Fai meaning, is to maintain the company’s flexibility to cut mediocrity, meet the adventurers.

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