Under the background of the new era of how to choose the webmaster website allianceWhat you don’t kn

needless to say, a beautiful website, excellent products, no large-scale clicks are nonsense, so choose, to choose 1, quite well-known brands, the popularity of this thing, especially to those who are trying to do in the choice of brand advertisers on Jingdong, such as CCTV we have seen your advertisement, moreover, the super advertising sponsors, fans and friends must have seen, such as VANCL, I am Wang Luodan, I am Han Han, the advertising effect is more obvious, the love that Guo Degang. 2, often have strong activity to choose the brand, see VANCL’s activities, not to say, stick a oneself in period of 6-8 months of this year on record

, for


2, blogging money needs luck.

1, a lot of hits,

chooses CPS advertiser, must compare in core index, I think there are the following 4 points:

although I rarely mention it with other blogs, in fact, I’m lucky a lot of the time. I’m lucky I started blogging when I didn’t have a lot of blogging and when the competition wasn’t intense.

CPS model has been accepted at present, all of the B2C enterprises, at the same time the rise also has many CPS website alliance platform, CPS popular things, to all that, regardless of whether you accept this pattern, whether still insist on shlf1314 Adsense CPC into CPS mode have been developed, but due to many webmaster, increasingly large scale, also more and more owners sought, sought the reason is because the CPS model is more profitable than CPC. In business circles, especially the electronic commerce circle, is also popular with such a rapid development behind the current events, that is CPS advertisers have a buddy of dragons and fishes jumbled together, he said, before doing CPS in a platform, the advertisers collapse, now hundreds of dollars to stay under the the Commission, no one to check, then become a dead account, also since then, this guy has not done in CPS, because the first time without success, so the following will introduce me to do CPS to summarize experience, he had several alliances, including Dangdang, Amazon, Jingdong, Eric at the same time, also in the alliance platform has a development, including what linktech, eqf etc.. But in the lessons from the experience, now my web site and blog on advertising have become Eslite advertising.


some good blogs have discovered me at the right time.

?As everyone knows

my first profitable blog started at that time, and the subject was digital photography. Although I didn’t know what I was doing, it turned out that the choice was right.

1, blogging money making requires a long effort to coordinate the process of

I met the right person at the right time.

4, the vast majority of blogger won’t get through blogging

has often told me that I’m going to make XXXX dollars in the next few months. How is that possible for a new blog,

, according to my recent statistics, Technorati’s top 100 blogs spend more than three years blogging. It takes a long time to build a successful blog, and it takes a long time to get in touch with your readers. It takes a long time to learn how to optimize your advertising. It takes a long time to adjust yourself.

original title and link: A, Reality, Check, about, Blogging, Money

I’ve been blogging for five years, but in the first year I wasn’t making money for it, although I learned a lot about blogging in this year. For the next two years, while I was blogging, I worked 2-3 jobs at the same time and studied in my spare time.

wrote an article a few days ago in the Wall Street journal, saying Darren Rowse earned $250 thousand a year by blogging, and Darren Rowse wrote an article to answer the article. This article blog alliance looked very good, translated a part, which brought on, is also to become a successful blog derived 3 laws of.

I also inadvertently made some money from blogging.

October 26, 2010, Mcglaughlin was listed on NASDAQ in the news media, it is because of the market position after the ranking Eslite clothing B2C second enterprises listed first, then insiders have said that Mcglaughlin will be listed by China B2C enterprises listed on the tide, Dangdang, Jingdong, VANCL, these big B2C will accelerate listed rhythm. This is definitely not listed on Mcglaughlin topic, but want to tell the reader, clothing B2C industry will enter another position after B2C business bigger and bigger, we like this under the background of new era webmaster should be how to take the opportunity to develop their own

3, blogging money requires a lot of work,

recently wrote a lot of articles about the idea that "less is more", but that doesn’t mean you write on a whim, and then traffic and money will come in. Over the past 3 years, I’ve been insisting on spending 40-60 hours a week on blogs, sometimes more than 60 hours. By working seven days a week, you spend about 6-9 hours a day on your blog. Over a period of time, I updated 20-30 articles every day. The vast majority of full-time blogs are pretty much the same.

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