Those who have 90 entrepreneurs to coax cattle later No later shop to double the income diver

January 2014, adorable face on the line, including the Apple App store, the app store gives a recommendation, but adorable face from the end of May 2014 began to force, downloads rapid rise. Within four days, downloads of the iOS and Androd platforms totaled about 1 million 200 thousand. By June 14th, the total downloads had reached a staggering 30 million,

NO.2: it’s too early to succeed. – Wang Kai, Xin

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this is a golden age of entrepreneurship, "Internet plus" the surging wave struck, VCs blossom everywhere, school and the society, the government and the competition like a raging fire, the three party school actively encourage entrepreneurship to 90.

founder Guo column want to make "sun" face MOE, and ultimately like a meteor, was engulfed in the wave of Internet start-ups.

for a long time, 90 entrepreneurs with "not reliable" and "ignorant" and "arrogant" label, whenever there is a 90 drop altar, these words will again castigate 90 entrepreneurs. But, the sea is dangerous, you win lose some. Not to mention the young 90, even the infiltration of business for many years an old traveller will, inevitably turn to the gutter.

, but not to say that the future "face MOE" completely lost the development of space, its style and meaning is the key to survival, and other products derived from it may be able to "face Meng" again focused. Today, Guo Liezheng leads his team in developing new products, Faceu.

in 2010 when I read in A5, accidentally saw a writer to write a short essay by sound advertising agents, a monthly income of five thousand yuan, that time is shlf1314 Chinese launch period, a few of my money on shlf1314 advertising revenue station straight down, I was looking for some the new Wangzhuan project, after reading this article, I think this is an emerging industry, the development prospects should be good, after a few days of the local market investigation, I decided to enter this industry do. I refer to other voice sites do a advertising agency network, to tell the truth, at that time did not on this website can earn much money to send high expectations, just want to exercise myself do Wangzhuan ability.

Wang Kai Xin, 98 years woman, 16 year old school record >

mode is simple, easy to copy, it is flawed adorable face, especially in the domestic market, Copy was too common. In addition, its burst red can only be instantaneous fireworks, after the most beautiful moment will make people lose interest.


‘s famous 95 – after – the – World entrepreneur, Wang Kaixin, never drops faster from the sky than when she flies.

is an adorable face fight face software, users can easily create Exclusive Teaser image.

90 entrepreneurs are also beginning to deliver the goods, by the stock debacle when coerced, with young people’s unique passion, set off waves of waves in the Internet circle, although not completely subvert the traditional, but every step can be stunning four

and now a trend of the past two years, 90 start-ups in the way of flowers applause, to today’s tepid, booed constantly, sparked controversy of venture capital circles. Young entrepreneurs impetuous, not reliable, perhaps is really a fact, this article is also written to those interested in the Internet industry to work out a world after 90, 95 after watching. Entrepreneurship is not easy, first an ample supply of ammunition.

NO.1: a flash in the face "Meng Meng" – Guo column

for the next half month, I haven’t received a call from a contact business. I can’t sit still. Can’t wait, just to think of other promotion methods, not to have business. My first thought is to do network promotion, I pay someone to do a long tail keywords, long tail keywords related to advertising are included, a total of more than 6000 long tail keywords of the page, then to do program space, then began to do the optimization of the long tail keywords and promotion. I every night after twelve to each big BBS to send the chain, after I unremittingly two months of effort, these long tail keywords page sh419 are included, and the ranking is also good, every day from the search engine traffic thousands.

, with these traffic from search engines, I’m able to secure several voice messages every day. I want to be able to flow in other ways? One day I see understand written by shlf1314 do Wangzhuan bidding article, I had an idea, I can do some related and dubbing for advertising to flow? Then it is time to vigorously promote the shlf1314 advertising alliance, each new opening a new bidding shlf1314 the account will be presented in five hundred.


website completes, I also like other to do the local gateway promotion, that spends several hundred yuan to print several thousand propaganda forms, sends everywhere. At first I hired a man in the labor market and gave him sixty yuan a day. He was required to send one thousand leaflets a day. But after one day, the person won’t send it. I had not personally sent, sent continuously for four days, I went down the street shops are sending a leaflet, finally put out four thousand pieces of advertising. The end of the ad after waiting for business, but after a week to call a clothing supermarket owner’s phone, said to be a fashion promotion with sound advertising, I am glad to go to the boss fart bump and negotiate business, to the supermarket to find clothing boss, the boss said just to know a recorded voice advertisement price and detailed process, the official record over a period of time to decide. I talked to the boss about the details of the recorded AD and left a phone call.


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