Method for increasing GG advertising unit priceOn Chinese click Wangzhuan profit model

two, to improve the content of advertising and matching

GG ad display principle is a high priority at the position of advertising, advertising is often in the front row, it is easy to understand, after all, shlf1314 companies also want to make more money. Second, the GG unit of the same page will try to avoid repeated advertising.

2. puts the clickable units on top of

is best to have a clear theme for the website, and each article has a clear theme, which is conducive to the ranking of search engines, and also to improve the unit price of GG advertising. The advantages of professional blogs are here.

1. Reduce the chance of a low price GG ad

so, how do you make the best match for your ad content,

2, advertising money: this should be the main source of income Chinese click Wangzhuan station, run good will ensure that the site has a stable source of income. Because the Chinese Click station traffic is generally relatively large, if your station does not have advertising union to join, traffic can not be converted into cash, then you are a failed webmaster. Now the advertising alliance is not easy to find, so I suggest the webmaster do not rush to stop, find a stable and good advertising alliance, consider opening the website, you can effectively reduce the risk.

5, advertising revenue in station. This shouldn’t be big, because >

Because of the same unit more

, for example, had a $10 click on a car engine ad that might have cost 1 cents on your paper site. shlf1314 content positioning ads emphasize relevance and accurate matching. So when you find out there are no English ads on your site, don’t be too happy about it.

1. good keywords

3, sign up for money. This is an important source of income Chinese click Wangzhuan station. As many members, some members will participate in the registration activities, the owners can find more money to register, the new project has become critical. Because the promotion of registration is not your money to do a webmaster, members of the registration will inevitably conflict, not necessarily through the review. Webmaster should combine short term registration with long term registration. Register to make money, run well, basically can guarantee the normal payment of members of the site.

Chinese click Wangzhuan project with its simple operation, fast speed, superior line payment system to attract a large number of people make friends, although not much money, but also can experience the fun of making money online. The standard Chinese click Wangzhuan, Chaoqichaola, life is not long also caused resentment to make friends. Rich uncle Mao thinks about the ability of a Chinese click Wangzhuan existence and development and the webmaster, the website does not have income or income is little, can not be a long-term existence and development, so now the popular word is the webmaster is really earn earn. The hair get rich uncle promotion in Chinese click Wangzhuan some lessons about Chinese click Wangzhuan profit model, hope for the new webmaster help.

I have improved the GG advertising unit price by

, for example, in my blog, I put the advertising unit on the link unit.

4, monthly advertising revenue. Now click on the source Chinese station a revenue is a monthly monthly advertising, advertising costs from 20 yuan to 110 yuan, registered amount and the membership and your site related members will have large flow of advertisers in your station monthly advertising investment, the flow is too small will be less is no one is willing to do you stand in the advertising package. Happy around, every month there are twelve monthly advertising, income of 1000 yuan, happy around, it is worth the webmaster to study.


different topics of advertising unit price is not the same, for example, medical advertising is much higher than the price of a kind of advertising. But expensive ads are on different content pages, and prices are different. Those ads that match the subject matter tend to get high prices.

GG the content of advertising i.e. GG’s main form of advertising divided into advertising unit and link units of different units in advertising is different, so it is best not to put the same element in the page, but you can put different units.

yesterday, I saw a friend in the sun GG advertising revenue, found his flow is good, but the GG advertising price is not high, only the equivalent of twenty or thirty click others a few clicks. At first, my GG advertising unit price is very low, sometimes even below $0.01 see: GG advertising why unit price low, and later by trial and error, gradually improved the GG advertising click unit price.

, if your blog or web site is comprehensive, then do a good job of key words for each article, and make sure the topic is clear

1. reduces the number of units of the same kind

1, a Chinese click Wangzhuan station input. In the end how much will be harvested? The station is actually very simple, Wangzhuan program, space, domain name general investment two hundred yuan is enough, that is to say you have $two hundred can be a webmaster. But Chinese click Wangzhuan station in the three months before the normal operation, probably need to invest four thousand yuan, because in the normal operation of the site of the first three years, members of the site can be reached two thousand people, from the members of the active degree and referral commission, a member of the owners pay basically to reach four thousand yuan. If the webmaster side production pay, estimate webmaster is unable to deal with.

put in a page, to avoid duplication of advertising, low-cost advertising will appear more often, and low-cost advertising is easy to click because each click more, click on the share less, low-cost advertising one of the reasons, ha ha decreases at ad.

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