The home of CCTV expert advice as soon as she meets the entrepreneurial Kuangzhuan 7 hundred million

Abstract: on 2014, Valentine’s day, the electricity supplier in terms of amazing news, "vip $113 million stake in bee network", "75% to vip, 25% to yourself."." 6 years to cash 113 million dollars, Li Jing also received quite good returns.

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at that time, "iron boss" is a famous cattle, so when I was a child, Li Jing always wanted to be the boss, however, how to wear my father’s big sunglasses, dressed in sheets of flowers, is not like "big sister"".

fortunately, parents money is not white, Li Jing learning has been very conscious. In 1988, she was admitted to Hebei normal accordion major. However, 4 years of college, the accordion did not work hard, but was hopelessly hooked on the chair. Li Jing not only minor in the broadcast profession, and from the freshman welcome party began, it swept the school big and small evening presided over.

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in 1992, Li Jing simply found a job as a host on Zhangjiakou television. To say that interest is the best teacher, Li Jing started very quickly, less than half a year has become a pillar. After the Spring Festival in 1993, she has been recommended by Taiwan leadership to Beijing TV station as the host of "Beijing morning.".

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two years later in 1995, Li Jing again transferred to the CCTV, has presided over the weekend "," big "have a joyous gathering room", "very exciting" programs, "sharp, pungent" became her host label. At the same time, Li Jing also enter oneself for an examination of North literature, learn from the writer.


but it’s hard to reverse, Li Jing. Since she is well versed in a comic fancies of men of letters, say, painting, painting won the accordion Ladete also slipped, buddy did not accept the. Not really, Li Jing still has a trick killer, "from parents can get a zero sum of money to entertain guests."." Just think, eight or nine years old children who can resist the temptation of ice stick

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she put down CCTV host not to do, partial to do an interview program, and one is 16 years. At the same time, with a beauty program to create an electronic business platform. She is the famous program host, Le bee network founder Li Jing.

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when she graduated from Li Jing in 1999, she became the host of CCTV’s little fame and became the immortal sister in the hearts of countless boys and girls. However, CCTV also more and more rules, routines, and Li Jing was born a Wanzhu, motionless.

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in June 1970, Li Jing was born in Hebei, Zhangjiakou, and his parents were workers in the railway system.


yes, parents in money never treated Li Jing, summed up their parenting philosophy in a word "poor boy, rich daughter". Junior high school boarding, Li Jing at the end of each month for the family to send a letter, "the money has been spent, send". At that time, Li Jing was the most fashionable girl in the class. "What’s popular?"".

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