Analysis of nternet operation mode of foreign telecom operatorsThe US government investigates onlin

FTC will also investigate Microsoft’s acquisition of Aquantive for $60 and YAHOO’s acquisition of center Media two, according to

, according to the Wall Street journal.

with the rapid growth of broadband users and the size of the network, broadband has become the point of growth of fixed network Telecom operators the main income, its strategic position has been fully revealed. The popularity of online games, the popularity of online music, film and television, as well as the rising data of mobile operators’ data business, make more and more people realize the great potential of the content application market. Whether to focus on the Internet, or enter the content of the application areas, how to choose the appropriate operating model, these have become the domestic telecom operators in the broadband era of important decision-making, but also a controversial issue.

it mountain of stone, jade. On the basis of studying the Internet operation model of traditional telecom operators in foreign countries, this paper sums up some types and analyzes the model selection of representative operators for reference and reference by domestic suppliers.

A, Germany and France Telecom

According to the research of Nielsen NetRatings

CNET Technology News International reported on June 15th that the Federal Trade Commission FTC is rumoured to investigate several online advertising mergers rather than just the shlf1314 search for DoubleClick.


Microsoft confirmed to CNET that it had indeed received notification from the authorities that it would review the details of the Aquantive acquisition.

president of Microsoft Department said last month in an interview with shlf1314 Aquantive, Microsoft’s acquisition of the acquisition of DoubleClick is different in nature, he thinks the shlf1314 case should accept antitrust investigation, Microsoft’s case is not required.

Microsoft spokesman Jack Evans said, "we will cooperate fully and clarify all the issues.".

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