How to make money for personal blogTogether cool music box on the line again

cool lyrics is an integrated MV automatic playback, with star photo, dynamic background update, massive lyrics, music fingerprint recognition technology of the green free music software. Welcome stationmaster to be put actively, believe to be able to bring good income for stationmaster!

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second, we have to control prices, do not be fooled, reluctantly make a link, lost its own reason. We must adhere to our principles, because there are principles, you can have a good blog.



respected network operators:

Return What does

first, we need to control the amount, because we want to maintain our weight;

from the early PR4 can sell 50 yuan, and now PR4 as long as 10 yuan, you can see that the Chinese people’s link market has been quite hot, the competition is quite fierce. Many companies have set up special link departments, link industry and black link industry are crazy. If you are a personal webmaster, if you are a personal blog, the link can be one of your profit channels. If our blog has enough PR, enough snapshots to be updated and included, we can still sell it at a good price.

we want to sell our blog link, we need to know a few parameters of the blog, especially the PR value? If your PR is lower than 4 is best not to sell links, because we are not garbage sites, we should do fine, at least we want to exchange links, and other ways to improve the soft PR, at least if we can reach up to PR5, and link sales income of a month can reach to 500 no problem, this premise is do not affect the weights based on our blog. Do not for three months of income, affect our PR value, because we need to do long-term, links can only moderate sales.

how do we do that,

original address: itbruce/sell-links/

need to pay attention to,

traced back to early 2006, my first blog, PR7, when personal websites weren’t hot enough, and perhaps many were low-key. Personal blogs are rare and fun to play as part of their amateur love. One day, a person with my , said that you can sponsor my , as long as my blog links to his site a link. I wonder, then from the foreign Adsense website to see a sell link plate, the original link can also be sold for money. So in recent years, we can see that regardless of the size of the site, according to the level of PR, links to obtain the main profit channels.

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to

links are one of the channels for bloggers to earn revenue. Proper, good faith and persistence are the principles of good work. itbruce

data: 48 hour cycle:
Union address: eqifa

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third, reputation. To have credibility, good faith cooperation. Don’t collect the money, or you’ll be in trouble with the search for human flesh.

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