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well, that’s a lot. Now let’s give you the concrete Alliance:


alliance has some background content of the calling code is for your promotion, such as JAVASCIPT code, as long as we put these codes do you want to advertise on the first page of the search engine is not impossible Oh, and it also increases your entrance address propaganda effect and helps improve PV oh.

The In fact, the

if your website already contains content such as articles, reviews, forums, blog posts, or other text, AdSense content ads are better for your website. If you don’t have any content on a web page, you can use the AdSense domain name ads to provide convenience to your users. To start using the AdSense domain name ads, please read our setup instructions; you can also search or browse in our AdSense help forums for information about the details.

according to the latest data statistics, Zcom Content Alliance has exceeded 1 effective cooperation site

what is AdSense domain name advertising?

Content Alliance is to increase your site rankings, increase your website PV, add a rich channel to your website, and be responsible for updating for you free of charge. You only need to do is to put their two level domain name pointing server IP, so you have a rich and professional website. If the other server content alliance is fast, stable, so for you it is the perfect choice, can give them a lot of high rate of return the user, and all resources are all free! Such a good example: free information network and free supply and demand information network 5988888 all columns from the content alliance.

is a professional Chinese stationmaster Content Alliance Studio Entertainment website alliance. Use of existing resources to launch online movies, video clips, wonderful textures, high-definition television, online MTV, film, TV drama, celebrity gossip, entertainment featured anime front Studio Entertainment resources etc.. The program for the full build, rich programs, exciting content, update fast, as long as you join our union, the resources are free to share!



1 webmaster Content Alliance

application address: 4886/

users often enter domain names or access expired links in the address bar, and are then taken to sites without content. With AdSense domain name ads, users can see links, search results, ads, and other content, instead of " building " pages or 404 errors. To achieve this effect, we have used semantic techniques to localize domain names. When users interact with ads on your site, you’ll get benefits.

through AdSense domain name ads, publishers with untapped domains can display content on their domains to help users obtain relevant information.

Content Alliance is search engine received is there, such as the 17 union I do now, there are many was sh419 included, and YAHOO and shlf1314 included will be more, that how to make search engines, we don’t do, but I can’t guarantee the success rate:

shlf1314 official description


today in SEO group to listen to friends GG ad thing, was interested, open your own ad background, suddenly discovered a new –AdSense for Domains, that is we Wangzhuan the domain name in the dock, but now only the official documents of the English speaking countries North America can be used, do not know can not China can this new business, try back.

2 Zcom Content Alliance

please note that currently only >

content in the League due to a lot of duplication of information, coupled with more people, the search engine will be directly considered cheating, then K off, which is why we are in a level two league content of tens of thousands of pages to search page, but as a result of the alliance content I don’t K off the main meter cannot be heard, anyway you really knows, you can see for yourself, HOHO.

"domain name parking" comes from the English Domain Name Parking, referred to as DNParking, also known as domain parking. It is to use your domain name to resolve an ad page, to reach someone access your domain name or access to the ad page through domain name, click advertising, you can get a way of income. Before China had parked domain business network, the network is beginning to make money, to seize the opportunity, monthly income of tens of thousands of millions of. GG is also in the mix, GG is guaranteed to be rich, the domain name does not appear in the dock, advertising like behavior, but the rules of the game are very strict, if you want to cheat, you always think that happy are likely to be K, personally think that a man should be magnanimous, should not cheat, win the temporary interests and how, by K, says people how, is actually wrong, of course there are innocent victims of K, there are also malicious blackmail events.

The purpose of the

, but one thing we should pay attention to is the Content Alliance and search engine:

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