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every webmaster all know to name card printing, general name card is their website LOGO, most in contact, plus some of their own characteristics, but the name card, can give users what? I used the name card too, do stand a few years, not only from the LOGO text, to their own plagiarism LOGO and others, in Witkey please do, for a total of several times, until recently, was replaced with clearer and more accurate LOGO, and has now begun to apply for trademark. In addition to the LOGO website, the most important thing is how to reflect their professional, if the website name card, and then their "pull advertising" what is the difference, therefore, take the two stages, the first stage is to use the site’s name card, positive on their original words, namely "no one brand strong enough not to challenge, no brand cannot compete." In a large, distributed name card, many companies put this sentence as their motto, the opposite is blank, then my book, opposite with the "lubricating oil marketing Three Musketeers, let play the marketing name card; the second stage is started in the name of a company for name card not only the performance of the company, with your regular, and can also reflect the company.

1, printed manual

2, change business card

CPA international network talent began to put on 8 yuan / month, up 1000IP55 yuan tourism advertising click on wikipedia. 2007-09-24
6 is back on the advertising price 1.5 yuan, the martial arts CPA advertising, successful registration Commission 1.5 yuan.   2007-09-21

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enhance taste,

web site, do the webmaster, do not make more not to become the Regal isolationist, Indoorsman, to improve their website taste. The majority of enterprises will have their own company manual, but in the webmaster circles, but I see very few, even more famous sites, such as webmaster nets, tiger sniffing the network are not alone, not to mention some of the webmaster. Since I work site of the industry, will participate in industry conferences, some cooperation, some are invited, some in the past, at their own expense, just give someone a name card, but the name card at any time will be when the garbage, now many people use mobile phone to sweep your name card name card, then went to the garbage basket the target must give reluctant to throw things! In the past two years, we have been printed on a single page, single page to the customer, it is inconvenient, after careful consideration, a few months time, we finally designed the first company manual manual, 28 pages, from the company introduction and introduction, site introduction, product introduction and so on, the most important is to add a "run road" view, are my works the most classic words, these words are in compliance with the two principles are: short The 140 one, is just a micro-blog; second is concise and comprehensive, must be able to say clearly what. These "opinions" in micro-blog and my site, are very popular, for users, has filled with wisdom effect, naturally reluctant to throw. And in the size of the manual, but also originality, and took the same size of books 16K generous, so that users will know my books, that is, the size of books.

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