The domestic and foreign alliance up to make money on the nternetSocial networking game giant Gree

launches new game

of course, there are many alliances. I’m not going to list them all.

Group in Tokyo analyst David · Gibson David Gibson pointed out that "they face the threat of apple and shlf1314, has been the industry and we are now faced with the mobile game companies up to 9." David ·, Gibson advises investors to sell Gree and DeNA shares and predicts that the shares will fall by 25% in the coming year.


2. sh419 alliance

3. Ali mother League

in five years, the Japanese social gaming giant Gree to become a star company investors Repeng, its founder Tanaka Liang Yoshikazu Tanaka and became Japan’s youngest billionaire, shares worth $4 billion. But 18 months later, his shares have shrunk dramatically, leaving only $1 billion 380 million at the moment.

exchange rate could not help Tanaka Yoshikazu: a week before Gree hit a record high, the yen rose to a post-war high

Gree founder Tanaka Liang is in March this year, "Forbes" fortune list, Japan’s youngest billionaire Kiwi collected, reproduced friends don’t forget to recommend the station.

, who is 36 years old, is 12 years younger than Japan’s second richest young man on the Japanese billionaire list, but his pace has not kept pace with the global smartphone boom. After 5 years of Apple Corp iPhone products listed in Japan, Gree’s main user base is still non smartphone users, and this category accounted for 60% revenue.

application address: cj

5.CB alliance

application address: alimama/

The Macquarie Group Macquarie

4.CJ alliance

Gree said its annual profit will decline for the first time, the reason is because consumers have flocked to the Apple Corp and shlf1314 app store in the game, and gradually abandoned two Japanese social gaming giant Gree and DeNA platform. In November 2011, Gree shares have risen to the highest point, then down by half, becoming the 108 Topix index on the peer companies in the worst performance of A.

Gree was unable to ride on Japan’s new government policies to stimulate growth. The Nikkei 225 index this year has the best start in more than 40 years, while Gree’s decline is almost flat with the index’s 55% increase.

7.BIDV alliance

1.shlf1314 adsense

here, kiwi mainly recommended several domestic and foreign alliances, interested friends can join the Internet to start your way to make money.

in China, second only to the sh419 alliance, is also a lot of small and medium-sized Adsense in one of the main types of advertising.

is also a foreign click advertising alliance, similar to Adsense, which supports adult advertising. It’s easier to join. Payment by cheque has a longer payment cycle. But credibility is reliable. Application address adbrite/

below is the full text of this article:

mainly sells products, pays fees, guides registration, pays and other products business, the Chinese people are difficult to apply for. Relatively difficult, but once entered the circle, the bill to brush.

application address bidvertiser/ is also click on the league, but does not support the Chinese station, the content of the site in english. Creditworthy.

GG alliance has a lot of friends doing it. Mainly click ads and search engine advertising, etc.. Creditworthy. The money is still on time. Application address: shlf1314/adsense

is also a sales product that leads to registration fees. Recently registered for domestic opening. Practices similar CJ, but the difference is still great. Application address: https://s.clickbank/index.html

is also the two major categories of pay per click advertising and search alliance. Conditions are strict. Ordinary people can not apply. Application address union.sh419

6.ADBRITE alliance

introduction: foreign media wrote today, Japanese social gaming giant Gree just passable performance in the field of mobile games in recent years, due to missed the global mobile Internet frenzy, its share price from the highest level in history in November 2011 2840 yen fell to 1224 yen. Gree founder Tanaka and Yoshikazu Tanaka in March this year, "Forbes" fortune list of Japan’s youngest billionaire, but its value has shrunk from $1 billion 380 million to $4 billion.

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