Five methods of exchange Links

fourth: buy links

second: meet

fifth: the accumulation of resources

third: link platform

website Links for many novice webmaster, that is more difficult, because many new Adsense in exchange Links will be difficult to change to several suitable, website weight itself is very low, but also belong to the new station, so the exchange will encounter some difficulties, so what solution do.

opened the QQ group also has certain provisions, such as you are in the chat room type website, then you should open a chat room type QQ link group, set up after the need to propagandize, if you really do not know where to go to publicity, or directly on the Admin5 station long bar.


method mentioned above are summed up in Links to do website, these are personal experience, hoping to solve the novice webmaster in exchange Links the difficulty of this paper comes from the 贵族宝贝qudou4贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source.

through their large construction sites, which links the main station, of course here must be taken to avoid search engine punishment, the effect is very good, because is a one-way link, one-way links is better than the Links effect, higher weight, so the energy may wish to consider it.

in common must meet some webmaster, because every webmaster is equivalent to a resource, so to be more than usual in QQ or QQ group with the webmaster to share some experience, to win the goodwill of others, facilitates later when he needs to help the good opening, if you have ten webmaster friends, then you have the equivalent of ten Links.

now has a lot of free links in Shanghai love search platform, there are a lot of, and then find the same type of website links in each website data platform, there are QQ number, through with the QQ number, and then a talk, soon you will be able to get Links.

no matter what time, money is easier to work, but also Links, as long as you have money, can link to some trading platforms, such as Admin5 link bar and webmaster network link bar, there are a lot of links can be guaranteed by the seller, Admin5 system to buy, so have more security security.


: first opened QQ group


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