Why do not the Shanghai Dragon

1, the website ranking is not anxious, eager for the achievement can do, the more anxious the more prone to error, but the website in a more embarrassing situation, I am an impatient person, what things are very worried, the site is the same, each site had to worry, always thinking of multiple points the chain website ranking will be up, always put the site up results. We should learn to control your anxious mind, take a more rational, more do not use illegal means to operate, improve the site ranking process is a necessary, worry is useless, anxious, but also easy to do things wrong.

2, did not do the basic operation, I have repeatedly mentioned that the website optimization is reflected the basic knowledge and details, even the most basic things are not ready, do some more in-depth operation, not achieve the desired effect, as can be imagined, even the website are not enough content, what do you have for to do publicity. There are many basic operation site do not, in two words or three to say clearly, it is recommended that you see more love Shanghai optimization guide, master the basic knowledge of the right, to do more in-depth exploration of optimization.

4, did not put enough enthusiasm, a popular saying is not really love this job, no matter what kind of work, we must work to input the highest enthusiasm, only love their work, be more careful to treat, the difference between heart and heart where the. A good webmaster, writing will only care about whether the article is original content, do not care what is the content of the article, do not think this article can give users what inspiration, everything is their perfunctory and search engine, web site optimization as a pure entertainment. An investment intentions of the owners are different, they have their own mode of thinking, will take the initiative to distinguish between right and wrong, when writing does not just deal with, but they will not pay attention to the quality of the article, to the original and the original, more attention is paid to the user experience. The bread 贵族宝贝m>


if a site has never been able to get traffic and rankings, so we have to consider what is wrong, is why others website, website ranking is so good, but we do not rank it in Shanghai dragon.

3, did not persist, website optimization Website Optimization now and a few years ago have essentially different, to do website ranking is more and more difficult, in a word, the number of people engaged in website optimization, and as competition continues to expand, website ranking rise time are also longer, if three do a product at the same time, you only need to compete with the three person, if thirty people have the same product, you need thirty people at the same time and competition, with the popularity of the Internet, the future may also have three hundred people and your competition, and this requires a person to, in the fierce competition and who can insist, who is the ultimate winner.

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