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keyword is selected, the auxiliary keyword can not be less, and the name of the company, including the secondary key words related to product brand and enhance the flow of very long tail keywords help. Medium and small construction site should be more focused on brand keywords, although this kind of word search quantity is little, but the optimization is very easy, but also help to promote the website, is the most important of these words can bring us the intention of customers; and large websites should pay more attention to the construction of long tail key word, long tail word do well not only can improve the site traffic, will also help to enhance the website weight, to enhance the main keywords ranking also have a certain role in promoting.

Keywords Keywords



is done, how to arrange the keywords, web page title must contain keywords, keywords should appear in the web page, but also pay attention to the control keyword density, density is usually the keywords online with 2% — 8% is appropriate, personal best in 4% – 5%, such key words not too little, but also to avoid the keywords many are considered cheating troubles, more safe and reliable.

keyword selection is very important, in the beginning of the site we should consider carefully, many consider the first keyword to a certain amount of search, search keywords nobody better optimization has no meaning; secondly, words should not be too "hot", the more popular key words difficult to optimize the higher cost the longer time, and the results were finally selected to There’s no telling; keywords with Internet search habits, such as the webmaster may be more willing to search Shanghai dragon instead of optimization, so this kind of website should choose to do Shanghai dragon key words.

website ranking play a very important role in the site of the Shanghai dragon, to improve the site weight, are of great help to enhance the flow of every webmaster want to rapidly improve the keywords ranking, in order to achieve the purpose of Shanghai dragon. But how to improve the keywords ranking? And it is a let problems, I have summarized the recent years Shanghai Longfeng experience, to help you quickly improve site keywords ranking webmaster.

2. original content winning


keyword more popular optimization difficulty is higher, so the selected keywords easily the best combination, a site if there are 5 words can be a difficult choice, two medium difficulty, two easy, if not 5 words should also be combined from the difficulty point of view, it is easier to to improve the keywords ranking.


1. choose to difficult combination, main and auxiliary combination

We have mentioned the

original article is almost an old promble, whether it is to improve the site traffic, ranking, weight, user experience and so on should pay attention to the original, so is the keyword ranking. Keywords and related original articles will make the weight of the website upgrade, a huge boost for the website ranking. In addition, the original article promote the keywords ranking is more stable, not easy to fall. Original >

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