Hold hands nowadays love Shanghai update open Shanghai dragon door of learning

website, a website from planning to complete the construction site in all Shanghai Longfeng structure operation, and maintenance of website, including the flow of cooperation, the chain cooperation, including data analysis, analysis of conversion rate, the promotion of soft paper, content maintenance elements, which are in the website operation you may encounter so, if you need to do the operation, you need to understand all of these again, for example, we analysis the most common data, many companies believe that the need for data analysis of friends, after all through the data analysis we can see the trend of flow of visitors, you can see which keywords can be hot. See what the user card in which step without orders, how to allow users to browse from the beginning to the last single to create more value This is the value of data analysis is the most direct meaning.

now love Shanghai webmaster community, always can see the love of Shanghai is a fine structure adjustment algorithm, every Friday, love Shanghai will always be released last week for the owners the complaints were introduced, and lists some websites as the number of cases, want to ask, these cases have every day on too? Every day concerned about what time restore ranking? In the present stage, the love of Shanghai basically always adjust yourself, change yourself, believe in love after 622628 events, Shanghai should strive to improve their user experience, then this article, you should hold the hand of love Shanghai update open the door, Shanghai dragon learning their own skills, as building blocks.

, a Shanghai dragon is actually need to master the essentials of data analysis, because now popular statistical tools and let more people accustomed to how to use tool to see the value of the web site in the search in the eyes, can also see more people how to enter and come, however, we also need more knowledge to continue, then you should start using GA statistics.

love Shanghai recently constantly adjusted, so that the number of Shanghai dragon have suffered terribly, looking at the hand of a website is not better, let us also don’t know to improve their knowledge and skills, where may, before the chain and content have lost their original meaning, perhaps we can find it here before the Road, maybe we are still trying to leave footprints in every forum, but if they have been caught in a loop, the how to do? In Shanghai love to update, we have more knowledge to let us master.


I know Shanghai dragon road of the future have a lot of friends have planned for yourself about, also look forward to their own to the walk, then the love of Shanghai update also let more people see the other aspects of the importance of knowledge, in the Shanghai dragon, the most common is through some knowledge in Shanghai dragon master to the website operation, so first of all, we are easy to talk about the website operation knowledge, hope can find more knowledge and skills from the point.

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