Analysis of tea packaging industry should be how to optimize the content of the page

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said the optimization of the content page believe that the webmaster friends are aware of its importance, the author often put a station content metaphor for human blood, there is a station content is of utmost importance to the site, so how to build a station in? How content keywords layout? Here we share together with the optimization of the enterprise is hand on the sale of tea packaging station.

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such as the tea packing station’s theme will optimize the inside pages of the title: < tea packaging design should follow the three principles of how? Or how can better tea packaging and ethnic characteristics of the combination of > and so on;?. In the title of the page and point to remind the optimization webmaster friends especially novice webmaster friends, the title should be unique, uniqueness, and Optimization in the title to include you to optimize the key word of this keyword is crucial, which is based on the front is better left to people’s reading habits right, and the search engine spiders that the front becomes more and more important, this is a famous American website designers proposed < eye tracking research; > said in a F type of reading habits, interested friends can go to the station to further understand the < eye tracking study; > here I will not say more.

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about the content of the original thing really is a commonplace talk of an old scholar every time, the importance of the original mentioned in the article basically, today I once again expressed the hope that the webmaster friends pay attention to especially some novice webmaster friends, the importance of this year love Shanghai stationmaster Congress also emphasized the original content, after the current optimization on sales this tea packing station, the site articles are original and it does give the author brought unexpected results of interest to the webmaster friends can enter the official website to know. I have always believed that as long as can bring a good user experience, as long as you adhere to the original creation of the station will be the search engine spiders of the pro gaze, also will give you the station bring good rankings. I often communicate with stationmaster people often say a word, no matter how changes > search engine algorithm

said the title I believe many in Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster friends are aware of its importance, the title is a station of the weight calculation, especially a web page title is more important, the author on the title page of this optimization are mentioned here is not to say in the above article, specifically to talk about today the content of the Page Title Optimization, in the title of the inside pages optimization should first to understand the theme of the station which is very important, because only understand its theme in the page title optimization will not deviate from the theme of the site, the inside pages of the title should be correlated with the theme of the site is, this station is like the optimization is about the packaging of tea, the optimization of the title are closely related to the word and the packaging of tea.

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