A great search engine fall


search engine, search engine allows the premise condition, supplemented by Shanghai dragon skills, want to make relevant keywords ranking to reach the ideal position, make the site in good condition. Thus, the search engine and the Shanghai dragon is not contradictory. However, we analyze a case of a Shanghai Dragon (heat pump, heat pump water heater engineering maintenance,

this site to optimize the two phase keywords ranking processing heat pump maintenance, heat pump water heater, the current state is the site running for about two months, in the Google search engine, search, Yahoo, and Chinese Tencent will be the search engine rankings are good. And the site is running in good condition, but himself the most understand Chinese search engines, but has not ranked in the top ten, unbelievable. Dongguan Shanghai dragon always think, the best site optimization means is Shanghai dragon do content, the website content in the search engine’s ingrained, supplemented by the chain, Shanghai dragon skills again.

The role of the ?Study on the

search engine:


a great search engine search engine this fall! (Chinese himself the most understand and know Chinese, because Dongguan is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, also afraid of artificial information processing, the search engine not to mention here, first of all, sensitive words) we know about two search engines and the Shanghai dragon task and relationship:

Dongguan Shanghai dragon can be understood, the search engine also in the struggle, and engaged in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon Er struggle, trying not to let the Shanghai dragon around Er ranking. However, if good points not clear, how to do search engine? Can not provide for the more reasonable and more consistent with the will of the search page, update information, how.

The main task of the )Related

site related Shanghai dragon, most understand Chinese search engine can’t read

search engine is included to provide more valuable information page, more in line with the will of the search page to the search, of course, which includes: the web page collection, the site is included in the page keyword analysis, the weight of the website and the comparison of final scores, the keywords ranking, is the final score comparison, all pages in these pages, ordinary users are not interested, but in Shanghai Longfeng people interested more tools, but also is a major research topic, what is the Shanghai dragon task

first statement, this website on the Internet, just ordinary a site, of course, is also an Internet cell, his Shanghai Longfeng processing scheme also has some representative. From the initial website, Dongguan Shanghai dragon has to deal with the WWW page as the main promotion pages (of course, had a successful case, but Shanghai dragon), a search engine has been not very good recognition and recognition. Or, more often, like two pages keep fighting, then go to kill. Let a person very depressed.

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