How is Shanghai dragon also has the value of the operation to deal with the current search environme

? optimization? ?

so in this environment of search engine optimization as well as necessary? It also has value of operating

from the news network. A news event will have N news website published the news, that have not heard the news of the NetEase Sina to be right down, turn the NetEase Tencent news is right down. When these new reprint news articles editor to add your own ideas or opinions, in fact is also similar to the pseudo original. At present the simple pseudo original is clearly not enough, the site should have their own unique place. Such as Sina, micro-blog, forum, blog, podcast, a variety of real estate information editor released exclusive, exclusive interviews and so on, this is the original manufacturing base of sina. The website carries the function of information arrangement, appropriate reproduced or excerpt the website is good, but remember to have your own unique things.

for the present Internet users use search engine ratio is about 10:8 is every ten people have eight Internet use search engines to find the information he needed in. There is no market decline or even on the rise. How do we grasp customer information through search? In addition to choose the most appropriate auction seems to Shanghai dragon! Remember a boss last year that "even if the optimization spend time of 3 months, the company for a month this value." Compared with the cost of bidding is still the best choice of Shanghai dragon.

let’s take a look at a so-called "Mars plan Webmaster Platform out". The contents are as follows:

original content I think is really necessary, a website in operation if there is no unique content of his or their own website? What should we do about


from 12 years to search this year under market pressure has been the big moves constantly, determined the regulation does not regulate Shanghai Longfeng site to enhance the user experience. I have several updates in the loss is not small, probably looked at the main reason is (pseudo original, false links to purchase, mirror) medical station did not say, many in the medical station is K or even no reason  collateral damage .

besides the station optimization, we found that the current Shanghai dragon industry ranked the website is very good to have the following characteristics of simple structure, concise code, label, reasonable use of the user experience is very good, the server response is extremely fast.

finally said that the link I still advocate the link of high quality, the best bid farewell to junk chain. For example, message board, brush signature, mass and so on some out of order not related links. We will find ourselves hard to do more than 1000 chain chain even more defeated a look what the color of the site of hundreds of the chain. The article by http:>

has the value of that in this environment, how are we going to do

to search optimization trend 13 years from the graph to see if Er is to let the Shanghai dragon write articles do to edit.

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