Analysis of the main points of the site construction of Shanghai Longfeng strategies and ideas

first, the website keyword analysis. We first in the construction site before must be clear, what we want is for keywords and user groups, they usually search keywords is the most commonly used what? This is a very important step, when we set good website theme, can refer to love Shanghai index, Google trends, love Shanghai related search etc.. To understand the search volume keywords and search for the related situation, we find the conversion rate is high, the competition of relatively low key words as our optimization words. Choose good words, according to the Shanghai love related search further to find out the long tail word and auxiliary words, and these words we do add it for these words site column layout.

second, the website structure and the layout of the keywords. Choose good keywords after we first analyze the construction of the website and website structure. According to the search engine spider crawling habit and I suggest that you choose a flat structure or’F’type structure, the structure performance is flat above the bottom of the column modules of each column. Connect the spider from top to bottom can be widely grab our site. ‘F’type structure is mainly manifested in the top site is still relevant website column, but there is a similar website as the list of articles or news related to list on the site on the left, the benefits of doing so is still based on the principle of search engine spider crawling, from left to right, grab the order of the layout of the the news list will be crawling in the first time, is also very beneficial to your site and increase website weight. The above two kinds of structure, we can according to need to choose. Keywords the main layout, will be the site of the main key words and auxiliary keywords these relatively more intense competition of the word distribution to the home page columns of the web site, it is beneficial to the improvement of our main keywords ranking, long tail words we use our article pages to do, both complement each other, so I will distribution our website in the station before the site layout and keywords and we do a detailed analysis.

recently with the network to make money, the rapid rise of Taobao customers a lot of new friends are eager to make a difference in the Internet, such courage is commendable, but with the increasingly fierce competition in the Internet how to improve their website weight is the most urgent problem facing many new hand, at present many promotion methods commonly used, including QQ group promotion, e-mail promotion, Forum promotion, SNS promotion and so on, but there are many Wangzhuan and operational staff promotion way about Shanghai dragon, because the search engine promotion, not only has strong pertinence and flow conversion rate is very impressive, we in the construction site before considering our Shanghai Dragon strategy is very it is necessary, the author and everyone together to learn about the process of website construction We need to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon operation points.

The relevant wording

third, third mark. After doing the site structure and layout of the keywords we.

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