Half the time a rookie growth results

, search engine optimization, but a qualified Shanghai dragon Er is not only the ability of optimization, promotion or should have, with a good product, if you do not know how to promote it, no matter how good the product is a waste. Make promotion plan also to have certain organization and implementation, and consider a ROI.

two, the website content, architecture and codeThe importance of

four, improve the site rankings

Shanghai dragon Optimization of

, a set of search engine optimization scheme and implementation of

website editor hard to edit out the content, the purpose is to let the search engines love and included, so, as a Shanghai Er dragon should be able to edit the results to ensure that responsible for search engines, and have a good ranking.

three, the development stage of the promotion plan of

website content I Needless to say, the original is most important, the original content is more important, the original is not to let search engines love or included, ultimately depends on the conversion rate, right; architecture, when search engines crawl the website always press from left to right, from the top to the go down and hold the content of the website, the new things in the upper left and the display, while optimizing the architecture or in order to improve the user experience, the purpose is to allow users to better find the content they want; code, many of my friends asked, learn Shanghai dragon chicken with no knowledge of the program code? The answer is a minimum. Must at least know HTML, this is the most basic.

five, flow, main keywords and long tail keywords ranking

this ability is necessary, a logical and executable scheme is doing optimization before must have, this program is not only to the client or manager, or let they know about the difficulty degree of project optimization, do heart bottom.

a year ago, I work in a site construction company, the company gave me 7 different types of Web site, while optimizing the keywords ranking, I am very serious, very hard, but more than a month, 7 website ranking is not a standard, then I was called to the office manager I also discuss the results, is not a qualified Shanghai dragon er. Now, a year later, I am qualified or unqualified this is not important, important is I know qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have, some continue to maintain, no hard training.

said the first flow and main keywords ranking, this is your first raise the value of things, a test the quality of the product, first you need to find a large number of people to pay attention, then you can through the user’s attention is used to modify and improve products, while the main keyword is an important source of traffic flow, the long tail keywords the strong I will not say, Shanghai dragon Er should have mining long tail keywords, planning optimization ranking ability.


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