December 8th Shanghai Shanghai dragon love big update industry prospects

see from the above points, the love of Shanghai is very obvious to the original desire, and I feel that love is not friendly to Shanghai Shanghai dragon, noble baby basically there is no such situation. However, we do Shanghai Longfeng, mainly for the love sea to Shanghai dragon, which makes us very difficult if we a little Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love to fight, I do not know in the future.

1. The page title has piled up to a certain extent, of course, is not the kind of rigid pile, for example, we want to optimize the construction sites in Shenzhen [Key words], and the title is written: Shenzhen website | Shenzhen website… The word Shenzhen website production and construction sites in Shenzhen have great similarity, you do not say these two words are piling up, so we set the title at least before the love of Shanghai is no opinion, but also can have good rankings, but last night the love Shanghai big update, home page title is set for this type of station basically, affected.

last night, December 8, 2012, Shanghai love big update, we took a look at the hands of the station, found a pattern: Shanghai dragon more obvious signs of the station are being punished, serious and even fall in love with the sea weight is 0, but basically dropped a large portion of the ranking. The punishment of the station in Shanghai Longfeng also not too bad, just a little do Shanghai dragon, but now I love Shanghai to start the station, this let me feel that Shanghai dragon industry prospects worrying ah

2. COPY too much, too little of the original station, we will be published after a certain degree of pseudo original, but now it seems that the pseudo original love Shanghai seemed satisfied, and those of copy from the hot news large website information in the article, the basic set out love Shanghai. I think the reason is that the hot, repetitive content too much, even if you love 30% pseudo original, Shanghai still think of you in the transition of Shanghai dragon. So when you copy article, try to find some other web site contains less information.


station is the main characteristics of the several aspects:

4. The content or the home page, inside pages which many SECTION contain natural link station. We have several stations, because some program settings, set the key words in the article will automatically be added to the hyperlink, this way, if an article in the keyword density is relatively high, it will generate several hyperlinks. Love Shanghai now on these stations before the start, but All is well.

3. Hang Taobao guest link station, this is too dangerous, a station where we hang off, Taobao direct links, site query is 0. Of course, this does not mean that the site will not be hanging off the Taobao link, can not hang those just on the line soon, not what the original station, it is best not to hang, certainly not in the love of Shanghai xiaoheiwu.

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