From a recruitment information about changes in Shanghai Longfeng talent market in recent years

4: the case is more important than the degree of

2: Shanghai dragon division gradually subdivision

in the early stage of enterprise staff is Shanghai dragon Almighty personnel, need the construction and management of website content update, site outside the chain construction site and as long as the hanging hook is responsible, this also led to a clear color of Shanghai dragon is only one person. But with the continuous development of Shanghai dragon industry, increasingly fierce competition, we found that single-handed tactics can not meet the existing environment. Most powerful, visionary companies will set up their own Shanghai dragon team, more refined division of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng position is subdivided into: chain, professional web editing, web design work and so on.

3: Shanghai Longfeng demand gradually focus on industry profits

At the end of

in Shanghai Longfeng just to enter the domestic time, when there are few business owners have heard of this thing, because of the lack of understanding, leading to the occupation was boasting about the very Niubi. Many companies also hastily added Shanghai dragon in this one position, but is not an accurate statement for the positioning of Shanghai Longfeng positions. A lot of enterprise knowledge to Shanghai dragon is defined as the site administrator, or maintenance of the website is a kind of web design. If you want to say to the specific work, only in the recruitment information point out what the first word. But in the current Shanghai Longfeng job responsibilities, we found that many enterprises tend to define the actual. We can also see that the enterprise for a deeper understanding of the understanding of the Shanghai dragon.


in Shanghai dragon industry job information, we can see a lot of enterprises.

although many companies understand the importance of Shanghai dragon, but it also has some shortcomings. That is, the effective period of the competition is too fierce, PPC advertising monopoly, industry related search less etc.. Of these factors, some enterprises still give up Shanghai dragon. And that some enterprises is a lucrative industry for Shanghai dragon is very important, the profits of the industry including the medical industry, cosmetic industry and so on. We can see a trend in the talent network, is often the profiteering industry for Shanghai Longfeng staff to increase demand.

We see the definition of

and at the beginning of the year is the most powerful enterprise personnel changes, in the downturn in 2012, many enterprises revenue is not good, believe a lot of friends working have been moved for industry or change the idea of the workplace. I want to intend to enter Shanghai dragon industry job seekers talent network is the main platform for related occupation. From the talent online job information we can see that in recent years the trend of change of position for Shanghai dragon. The author will from the following five aspects to talk about some of this trend.

1: the actual work tend to be

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