Analysis of Shanghai love love Shanghai pondering how to update the temper

? practitioners should have their own way of thinkingShanghai dragon

when it comes to data a lot of people are busy trouble, so is the author, as a rookie level Shanghai dragon, it is very difficult for us to go into contact with data, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng operation should be based on data and experience. Love Shanghai update the new algorithm, we really have to adjust, and should adjust what place, these will depend on the analysis of the data. The author is to do business station optimization, Shanghai Dragon Enterprise station need to do statistics and analysis of what data? The most important thing is the analysis of competitors, these statistics to be with the help of some software, such as: the locomotive collector can collect each rival some of the basic data of Shanghai Longfeng, including: the reverse link every day, daily included, rankings, to collect these data can use after the degree of production data table. To facilitate the analysis of these data, according to a keyword 50 competitors, some large data can analyze love Shanghai love what kind of business station.

April 11th, is on Thursday night, small love in Shanghai for a week to update, but this week’s update is relatively a few weeks ago is relatively large amplitude. Although not update after shihengbianye, but it can be said that the updated data is more obvious, the two enterprises the station update is relatively large, ranking dropped badly, but today look carefully the rankings, found that one enterprise ranking back, peer said Baidu recently began to freak out. April 11th love K station in Shanghai, the proportion of relatively large, this can be seen from the Shanghai dragon data vane K station on Friday, the proportion of 0.71%, on Thursday the K station proportion: 0.14% this week, so the more the number of stations K. Now Shanghai is love temper more and more difficult pondering, as an occupation of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, how should we do website optimization

third: Shanghai dragon

owners usually pay close attention to the latest love love Shanghai, love Shanghai Longfeng read some articles, but to tell the truth is just the most Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon is the most important statements of a school, do is have the ability to distinguish themselves, don’t believe other people’s words, you can serve as some reference, but don’t believe more, not blind to modify their own website. As a webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, will certainly be more attention to love the latest Shanghai algorithm, so as to adjust their strategy but not Shanghai dragon, too sensitive, put their attention to fall in love with the sea is not very good. Should find many problems from their website itself, for the love we love Shanghai Shanghai helpless, because you will not change what I, we can only go to adapt the change of love Shanghai, love Shanghai try to please.

: the first Shanghai dragon thinking is based on the data and experience of

similar mode of operation, almost no what secret.

second: pay more attention to the site itself rather than the love of Shanghai

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