How to optimize the web page by Shanghai dragon VP

description tags written in a very classic, with the title echoes the truth and essence to clarify Shanghai dragon will be the answer in the station. Specify the working time for eight years, and has a large share of the classic practical case, these are selling information, very attractive. Written description tag is to increase website hits, especially in some accurate data, can arouse the desire of users to understand.

first from the picture data speak for a single page, we should first look at the information set.


tag needless to say, this part is not empty, since this option has the meaning of existence. Although some people say this label for ranking of little significance, but we should fill in the search engine according to the reasonable suggestions, and many websites to think almost as key words are written in. How strong a website home page, and can support the number of keywords? Shanghai dragon VIP has written three keywords, is very reasonable, in fact the home keywords best is less than three.


title tag description is very simple, effective integration of keywords, and the slogan of "return to truth", which is the most let users expect; the title of the words within 27 words; the title keywords reasonable use of word segmentation, looks only a key word "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon combat training". Can actually cut out at least 6 words, and there is a brand keywords Shanghai dragon vip. From this we can see that a long war battlefield Er on Shanghai Longfeng header information of the control can be described with ease. But we are now a lot of the optimization of the staff put on a lot of keywords in the title, in fact, did not understand the word segmentation technology is very good, also cannot use effective language keywords into a word, it is a bit sad.

keyword density, although the "Shanghai dragon" density reached 10% more, but as long as there is nothing wrong with the perfectly logical and reasonable. But if is the accumulation of high density formed meaningless, it is another matter.

We look at the

recently, relatively hot Shanghai dragon VIP website single page ranking has become a myth of Shanghai dragon circles, with Shanghai dragon truth to return to doubt let us take a closer look, in the end is what kind of method can make the optimization effect of a page so well, and to our own internal reference the site, so that the effect of the site within the maximum page optimization.

from the above information, are very different from the novel and simple text in the peer, unlike a lot of training Shanghai dragon’s slogan is "not refundable and participating in the training can earn" the temptation of language. The station’s information is not exaggerated, not some promises, so you can more improve the sense of trust.


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