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this article for the novice is a good dry cargo, in this blog, Hu Yibo will continue to update some experience to share with you the dry cargo. Shanghai dragon in this industry at any time to learn to share and exchange, to continue to change, because the search engine will continue to shift to Shanghai dragon to do the best that will be referenced on the network a word "policy, a policy of" the face of search engines, we need such a search for Countermeasures the spirit of

Links analysis


then, the chain is also very important in Links. The snapshot, so to the first analysis of their Links collected, how many sites do friendship Links and Links is not added nofollow label, more than 50 Links standing among your weight will not be too high. So do Links is a kind of knowledge, in "how to embody the value of Links" I have detailed about how to do Links.

analysis meta analysis

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chain analysis


website will have a competitor, but how to more effective and reasonable competition game depends on personal ideas, the common analysis of competitors ranking method is that several, today Hu Yibo will share how to analyze competitors. First of all, the ranking of a website more or less will have a certain relationship with the chain. So, will do more important things Shanghai Longfeng collection chain resources, Shanghai dragon with the passage of time, the experience of ascension. Everyone will sort out some experience outside the chain of resources and a lot of Shanghai dragon.


chain is also called import links and reverse links, as long as do Shanghai Longfeng all know how to look at the chain of others, through the search box you input domain:huyibo贵族宝贝 can accurately check outside the chain of the site in Shanghai love. Analysis of the chain of the site is through what website, then follow the chain in these places.

competitor meta is also a kind of knowledge, can give their website the way he set up the reference set, but that competition does not set what better do it yourself.. Analysis of meta can only be said to be a reference. Analysis of some structural problems competitors’sites analysis in other site structure, such as publishing, advertising position, Links position etc.. There is take rival website source code with your own web site source code is the most. See who is more concise, more clear ~~

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