A look at the 360 search outside Shanghai Dragon

level is highly similar, if interpreted as a coincidence, or ranking algorithm is similar, I can’t believe. In the case of large amounts of data, any > algorithm

here may need to explain "what is the final ranking adjustment" refers to. The search engine receives the query words in the database according to the normal algorithm should find the top 1000 (a baby) or 760 (love Shanghai) after URL, and not immediately displayed directly, but in the 1000 or 760 results to adjust the final ranking, including the links between some filtering the URL algorithm added, then calculate etc.. So, we sometimes see some very familiar, once had, now is some form of punishment in Shanghai website page seventy-sixth. Is not always seventy-sixth pages, often also appear in the last few pages, such as the Shanghai dragon why贵族宝贝 homepage now on page seventy-fifth. Since these website is down right or punishment, simply can not find more suitable than? Why put on page seventy-sixth? The reason is probably the results returned after the final adjustment of the results.

however, 360 search really is their own technology, I highly doubt. In addition to hard problems said above, there are some of the ranking results of observation. According to the comparison of a part of my attention ranking keywords and history data, 360 search results like love Shanghai results ranked last before the adjustment of the data, but also a period of time before.


but still talk about some of the 360 search impression.

recently launched a domestic search industry is the biggest thing in 360 search, many people ask me what is the comment on 360 in the micro-blog search and blog. As a network for the students but not perceptual experience of domestic Internet atmosphere of the Shanghai dragon, I am actually fighting several search engines, who joined the fray, what tricks are used in things like not too concerned about, never mind who won, who won, who accounted for a market share, then to ponder how ranking in the search engine on the line, That’s all.

first, the 360 search results quality is very high, the more common words, the higher the quality of the search, down the long tail word quality. If 360 words, 360 is their own search technology, it is not easy. You know, the search engine is a need to accumulate, high technology content. It is not only the accumulation of talent (this may be a short time, and solve) accumulation algorithm and modify the evaluation data. Especially the accumulation of data, it is almost impossible to make up for a short time. If the 360 search reach the current level in the absence of historical data accumulated under the condition that is quite amazing hand X. Take a look at the quality of other search engines love Shanghai, outside of the noble baby know how hard it is, including Bing, Microsoft, personnel, funds, and so many years of search, now is not how.

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