Cloud membership management software without membership information from what is the reason

clothing business more prosperous, old customers have slowly accumulated, you need to use a membership management software to scientific and effective management of store members, such as: the latest promotions, store new style, holiday promotion, can be immediately notified to the member.

I ran a clothing store, in 2013 May began to use the cloud membership management software, recently, with small in software when confronted with this problem: each member card is normal, but the click member management without any member information displayed! This can be very anxious so small, so many members of the information said no, after consulting jcipc technical staff, only know that a few days ago is small with re install the operating system, membership system without reloading, database using additional controls, cause loss leads to abnormal display member information. Later, under the guidance of technical personnel, re install the software to solve the problem!

jcipc software technical staff said that this question is often the reason is that many customers reflect! Because customers to reinstall the operating system, and a member of a software system without re installation, database using additional, that when you click the membership management without any information to members.

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