Would you like to go to Shanghai as the Dragon Er analysis of your competitors

if I say what website here how to design label design skills, how to distribution, keywords within the chain, we will immediately turn off the browser, I no longer hear a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

4, other details analysis of website optimization, including (H1 label, URL[/ is static, whether it is reasonable to use nofollow code, breadcrumb navigation classification is clear, Mata tag), after you finished your competitive analysis of all things, a good combination of. The competitors do things with competitors do not do things, or do you think you can do things together, to optimize your website. About nofol>

said the long tail word that you need to go to the analysis of the competition a good source of traffic, see the specific is brought about by what keywords flow, there is on the competition website keyword combination analysis and reference.

chain must be very important, but he was still based on the supremacy of the quality, but the chain anchor text use and ranking are directly related to the analysis of two rival website anchor text benefits: (location of your site to ensure the search volume). Of course, if you do not understand or consult me.

2, analysis of the total link competitors site outside the chain and the total number of domain name, a lot of friends on the two words would not understand, for example, there are a lot of the total number of external links to some websites, but the source of the link is single, the total domain is much lower than the number of total number of chain. But you need to know the number of the source domain of the chain is one of the main factors to determine the strength of the chain. In addition to the analysis of the chain point to the home page and column page pointing, (classification page, content page) between the proportion of.

The number of

said the title of many of my friends will think, how to analyze competitor? In fact, do Shanghai dragon to analyze competitors you have to understand, because you don’t analyze competitors, how do you rank? Love Shanghai home before the three position can only be three sites showing, that is to say competition is the site of the biggest opponent, because you do not love a good competitor, Shanghai is won’t make you more than him, of course not for love Shanghai.

3, competitor analysis website, although I have been in the previous articles that included no direct relationship to the ranking, but I want to say is: if a competitor website with their own website is too much, it is difficult to go beyond. If your website is not good, you can try to analyze the reasons, generally have a few factors: (website weight is too low, the original web content is too low, the structure is not conducive to the website included). How much of the collected directly determines the number of long tail traffic, if is not enough, it is impossible to talk about optimization.

1, the competition website the most basic information you need to know (domain name, age, the three major labels, site layout)


then I said my own general analysis of a few competitors:

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