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thought of this method is tested, can be the last time I suddenly felt confused, because words do recently: how long can do B Ultrasound, probably spent time more than a month, but the ranking has been hovering between the 5-8, the most puzzling is that, recently this period of time no matter how the chain, Yahoo chain has been maintained at around 600, the number of the chain has lasted nearly 10 days. The chain number here is No. 11.14:

Yahoo the chain how recently? All the information to contact since the website optimization from what I saw told me the most professional query tool chain website is Yahoo outside the chain, basically in the key words when they are checked once a week for a week, see the chain the key whether there are changes in the end what is the relationship between the chain number and rank. For example, some time ago to do the word Wenzhou in the treatment of uterine fibroids hospital, just started doing keyword ranked 11, about the chain for half a month, ranking to the first query, the number of the chain as shown in figure


No. 11.07 chain number basically no change in

indicating that the chain and the chain, with the change in the "love Shanghai’s ranking is also changing. Of course, there are some other examples, such as pregnancy how long can be measured this keyword, when the number of Yahoo chain reached 600 when the ranking is stable in the top three.



for this result I am biased in favor of the latter, because the last time I made the chain basically is biased towards the forum outside the chain, and the number of the forum is limited, basically are limited to 20 the same forum inside. Not only that, several of my colleagues in the office are also linked in these forums, it may reach a problem: too many links in a forum or website, the quality of the chain will fall significantly. That is to say if the same site in a number of forums outside the chain reaches a certain critical value, may add links to basically equal to 0. The possibility of this conclusion is relatively large.

Comparison of the


to solve this problem, the next period of time may have to adjust the chain adding methods, mainly to increase the chain links and add breadth, can from the following places: love Shanghai products, its website in the chain, blog and favorites, want to do the chain.

this is what reason? And there are some keywords chain number other basically no what changes in the last half a month. This is exactly what the problem is? Yahoo outside the chain of tools, or the chain I do have a problem with

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