The station is not only to anchor text keywords ranking

often pay attention to other people’s Shanghai dragon or network marketing blog, it is not difficult to find their posts to do a lot of anchor text links, so many webmasters will some be rather baffling, an article to do so many links, can let the articles included? Or that they do so much to the anchor text to what

is reasonable in the chain, the site is like a net, the weight is reasonable allocation. Not like some website some columns weight, some columns didn’t even be included. The weights of the website promotion, can bring more long tail keywords ranking, so that the site flow.

: a guide to browse, enhance the user experience

from other blogs can be seen in every article they are careful to create their own, regardless of whether they are the original or false original, but at least we can see that they spent a lot of time on it, because in others doubt or need to know where to do the anchor text keywords thus, to guide the user to read and understand this knowledge. Now the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, a web site if the PV is large, you receive this website more users; and for an article. And when there is a need to explain, not to do a anchor text links, search engine might think that your article is from others there copied, even the original.

two: guide the spider crawling, improve the collection rate of


included the webmaster friends received more and more attention. Because the search engine algorithm change, the right hand left hand copy paste articles will not be included in the search engine Google, fortunately, Shanghai now for those who love the Internet repeat rate is too high and the impulse, even included you, will soon be eliminated. When a large number of websites collecting articles, collection of tens of thousands of articles, can only be said to be the site for the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, little help, even the back will be a large number of deleted; and for some deep directory, not conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, so many articles have not been included, if there is. Reasonable in chain, guide the spider to grab deeper articles, can largely solve the difficult collection of articles, anchor text links reasonable orientation, can guide the spider crawling, so as to enhance the collection rate.

three, promote ZhengZhan weight

many webmaster friends think their article do a keyword anchor text is used to improve the ranking of words, each release an article, staring at those you want to rank keywords, try to add anchor text a, if there is no keywords you want, just do anchor text links; in fact, not only for the station anchor text keywords ranking, also can improve the collection rate and the weight of the website and so on, a talk station anchor text in addition to enhance the weight of key words, what benefits.

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