To solve the site web page is not the first problem

site structure: the structure of the website is not what big problem, is used in CMS system. But Li Mitian found Shanghai dragon has two small website:

specific solutions

a few days ago to help a friend to solve the optimization problem in Shanghai Longfeng, adjust the site before the site web page is not the first. Site after adjustment (roughly a week) to site web page has been restored first. Gossip is, how to solve the site web page is not the first problem? Followed by Shanghai dragon in detail:

the second step: analysis of the problems of the

these two reasons causes the "site web page is not the root cause of the first"? At the beginning of Shanghai dragon Li Mitian is uncertain, but after doing some adjustments, within a week, this problem has been solved. Also, the website thesaurus every week in the growth.

Li MitianThe first step of Only two of the

link 2, link to the home station, day update article can not be timely show.

the beginning of Shanghai dragon Li Mitian said: because the website home page keyword stuffing caused by site web page is not the first, but may be smaller, so decided to analyze other reasons.

: comb structure of the web site

home page, in order to let the day update articles in home timely show, add a new article plate on the home page, showing the 16 articles; and this is also possible to link to the website of the other page, all pages can ensure smooth and convenient crawler crawl site.


operation, site web page will return to the first, therefore, the main factor is not the cause of the site keywords stack, this conclusion applies only to the site. Then, on the front page of keywords also made adjustments, site still in the first page, the site currently in the rising stage.

The Less

1, the "Raiders" as an important part of the optimization program, but the Raiders suddenly classification confusion, mainly is "common sense" and "problem" and "knowledge" three sub categories. But with no update without distinction, purpose, value, user experience perspective is relatively poor.

Analysis of

Site web page is not the first for many reasons, there will be a different situation. So the way is different. For example: a website once encountered, is due to the front page keyword stuffing caused by site. Not in the home, in the revised TDK, resumed. >

2, adjust the

site is divided into: home, products, news, case, Raiders, company

1, re adjust the "strategy", increase the automotive, real estate, bank, credit…… An increase of six, a targeted, clear theme of the column, and in accordance with the theme contained keywords to update the article (timing, quantitative).

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