The website development must avoid these mistakes

web development framework for requirements is relatively high, we have to first think we should do it what kind of website is a website, and then according to the idea to build the framework we want.

The framework of

web site development, the condition is very low, we do in web development must pay attention to avoid some mistakes, if this happens, the error corrected in a timely manner, to prevent the future of our website business caused by an obstacle.

then another point is that when we do web development must pay attention to our website upload pictures, their definition of image clarity. For an overall effect of the website presentation, is quite important. If you say the sharpness of the image he is not high enough, there will be a slightly enlarged fuzzy such a case, so the overall effect on our website will cause a negative impact of ambiguous pictures, user browsing will be also not pleasing to the eye.

In fact, the entry of the

3, the website must first determine a good

web development in recent years is very popular, many people will have to learn the website development, and to do a website development, mainly because it is a development of the Internet economy era, the trend of growing together if we don’t, we are likely to be eliminated, so the development of Web site these are we usually need to involve in the promotion of our products.

1, "must do fine, not too bad, so do first, we do in web development," we must design exquisite design enough tall, but at the same time, the entire page to the best simple to close, if the page content is too much too complicated, are piling up in on this page, you may browse to a user of our cause a negative impact, because too many things, and unable to quickly find the content they need.

and we do website development, we do in the framework of this website building will do when a prior one is prepared, don’t say we do the overall framework of the website to think how to build.

2, upload picture quality must be clear

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