The website for the P server to avoid issues

(4) to the new IIS site to the program directory, set the directory permissions.

case 1: Youku 123 site 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝

(2) packaged on the original server Youku 123 web site home MySQL database website program files.

has a lot of friends ask website development to a certain extent, the performance of the original space or the server is not enough, upgrade to a higher configuration space or

here, I tell you to personal example is influential, if you just change the server is not affected, but even if you are IP to replace the words, see the impact of the actual situation will have big or small. If you change the server or space has not been timely configured, cause the server is not stable, please., the impact is really big ah.

case 2: after the first web learning experience, continue to move second sites – Guangxi ASEAN Business Network in March 23, 2011 evening, migration process, steps to adjust:

. Example:

the evening of March 20, 2011, the migration process is as follows:

(3) compressed copy to another domain name website directory to the new server to download decompression.

(6) visit the website background, on the tragedy, inspection found not logged in, the original, php5.3.6 is not configured, need fastcgi support.

server will not be affected?

after a night finally put the server configuration, all the functions of web application can be used normally, second days, the website flow changes little, even flow also increased, the third day, the tragedy continues, love Shanghai and Google traffic flies under three thousand feet, suddenly fell to fourth from the 10000ip 3000IP. Days, fifth days, sixth days.. The decline, now only more than 2000 ip. Check the website service log, love Shanghai and Google spider activity records and greatly reduce the ratio, before moving down to 10 at least one.

March 19th, responsible for the management of the 2 sites I finally came to a new server can Conditions are becoming better and better. stage, ready to move to a Jiangxi IDC.


analysis, should be the process of moving too careless, the website is the process of time to visit Shanghai and lead to abnormal love and noble baby right down.


(1) GoDaddy registered the domain name to resolve to the new server ip.

(5) DNS GoDaddy one hour after the success, OK, Youku 123 open web site home website. Well, you can open.

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