The arrival of the mobile nternet era Shanghai dragon Er should do what change


report is not difficult to see, directly through the search of the user, the same frequency is not what changes, but the indirect search through the local market share, but increasingly raised, the browser is a party, the current through the mobile phone browser search market share continues to expand, it is obvious that Shanghai Dragon Er are eyeing the mobile search the market of this fertile grassland, the search results will not become Shanghai dragon Er focus on the grass, from the current Shanghai official love love Shanghai mobile analysis, search results, or through the form of transcoding display in the mobile phone terminal directly, but according to my observation, mobile search results of medical industry, tourism industry, education and training such as "sunrise industry" in the search results can be different, this shows what the problem? Love Shanghai official to the information is not accurate, or Has been on the side of the grass "black hand", hey, I do not know, you can try, oh… But the Shanghai Longfeng workers often do, after all, the Shanghai dragon needs to live continuously, to explore, to sum up to know what you don’t know well to the algorithm.


mobile Internet era, Shanghai dragon Er workers should do what "change"

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I also observed other search engines such as 360, 360 is search on the PC side, would make unpredictable (don’t know is never copied to the algorithm), in this case, I can only say 360.

data for the next to see the "March 2013 China Mobile Internet monthly report", the source is the function of terminal user of 70 thousand IOS and Andrord systems use the long-term monitoring based on the data provided is released ClickZ network information. Eric PS: you can’t sell our "information" Oh Oh, the main message of the report for the March 2013 WeChat browser and monthly effective use of time and frequency. From several kinds of mobile Internet entrance (mainly for the browser, WeChat, micro-blog, application store, search and map) monthly application and development in view of the coverage and use the browser and WeChat will significantly ahead of other sub service, with greater breadth and depth. WeChat is the use of high frequency, gradually approaching the browser when using long. While the search entrance has been on the steady state, according to the Shanghai dragon staff, "where there is a search box, where is their world

pawnshopUse a data report

mobile Internet products this afternoon just to see, for the future of Shanghai dragon Er workers should do what "change", because I was in Shanghai dragon, so had to do some future plans for their "rice bowl". Oh…


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