Talk about now Shanghai dragon and how we should do

in Yong brother today inside the group, listen to independent blog webmaster Dean level figures, Lou song song brother share Shanghai dragon as well as from the media operation knowledge. He also mentioned several obvious points to summarize here.

?First, the most basic

from the media: to choose their own good love to do, and is continuing to do, to express their own ideas and so on. So you can deep root in a market segment, and will be willing to be your fans will follow you.

is a very important song brother talked about, whether it is from the media to do or do the Shanghai dragon, the content is a very important part of the content come from? How to write the content in front of me, there are several articles have had to tell you how to do can be created good content, customers love to see the content etc..

then do related content recommendation and web site keywords one transfer, this is done in order to better the weight of keywords, and in order to optimize the customer experience to prepare, but not excessive optimization, otherwise you will The loss outweighs the gain. Here we should pay attention to.

many people understand Shanghai dragon is the thank you send the chain what, but if this is the real Shanghai dragon then you really wrong, wrong and outrageous. Then what is the real Shanghai dragon

Shanghai Dragon: 1, the basic code of the website and keywords layout. 2, good content. These two do after the general enterprise station has enough. If the competition is intense, make high quality of the chain to get attention, the website structure and in addition, the basic can be. Of course, do the most advanced Shanghai dragon still requires a strong ability to integrate resources. Of course, excessive optimization is certainly not feasible.

since we do not analyze this senior Shanghai dragon should do today, then we will talk about the most basic things. We should understand a point, any advanced things are the most basic things gradually accumulated, why say senior Shanghai Longfeng pine brother did not imagine is so simple, he said from the resources will make a large part without faith friends discouraged. Of course, if we can do the most basic, start from the beginning of the same can be done very well.

then forms to good planning website, what kind of module put in what place, so conducive to optimization, help customers experience etc.. Don’t think this is the design and planning work, because they do not have to consider the Shanghai dragon for you. If you do the site, the two hit and then pay program to the framework, but also not recognized.

as Shanghai Longfeng staff to clear the site within the framework of building, the layout of the keywords and centralization, frame structure should pay attention to some of the code (not by the programmer to the pit), keywords layout centralization, to do keyword tree structure classification.

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