The actual optimization analysis professional tourism tourism portal station PK station

, 2) to the average daily traffic is relatively high in the weight of high site. Google PR value high site will have many advantages in exchange chain, love Shanghai weight (currently only) the level of weight daily access to the site is not to be ignored;

sad Tencent did not qualify for the Top10 list, because Tencent travel site is the use of top-level domain network. I think if in the two level domain name will list. What is the Phoenix Travel Channel PR value actually is: 0. Therefore, from the above point of view on the website PR value, the channel is not very seriously.

PK: a duel professional travel website Top10 analysis

in the data analysis phase I would like in the portal site in the end what data is needed as a reference, in order to reflect the differences with the professional site and the comparison between the portal site ranked


analysis is ranked in the top 200 thousand of the ALEXA professional travel website Top10, as follows:


2), portal travel website pan keyword ranking

so I in the data professional site reference standard adds a keyword: "tourism". So it is easier to see how the portal site tourism dragon hegemony, to comparative analysis, with the professional site as shown in figure

1), through the above website ranking that factors are: PR value, love Shanghai, site outside the chain, the weight of the domain name registration time several, especially the length of time domain name registration with a website to bring high weight;

Duan Xuan believes that the professional site of the same user station is the biggest advantage of comparative value optimization of the site itself, the most professional station relative deficiency is without portal station daily traffic high. The next PK showdown will show end is not such a thing:


sometimes I think: between the professional site with the portal which in Shanghai Longfeng accounts for the big advantage? A few days ago to do the analysis of tourism site data, and then the analysis articles.

PK vs two: portal travel channel Top10 analysis

1), from the above ranking of several major portals is a high ranking.

from the "Pan tourism" keyword ranking, for portal sub channel >


3), from the following figure we can see the advantage of foreign websites on the Google search engine optimization, the output value Links value. The other is the domain name registration time early, is not to say that the old domain must have advantage. Figure:



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