The construction site you do some foreign preferences

in between countries are following multi-step help, an unjust cause finds scant support. In the life and social circle, also follow the same rules, many good friends. But, in the ancient sage also warned us, making friends and between country and country are divided into different layers, various grades and ranks. In the construction site, also follow such a point of view, is the quality of the chain level, indirectly determines the site in love Shanghai impression. We can treat the love of Shanghai was a person, love can be divided into the relationship of Shanghai, see you at that level.

We all know that

love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love and love of Shanghai library map of Shanghai, ranking in the search engine, sometimes is in the home position, in the optimization are popular in the public, love Shanghai have a special feeling for spoiling their products, giving their products in the ranking position through the back door. We look at these only eagerly look at Shanghai, love their own products in the first place. After all, love is Shanghai itself in the product development from others for their own things, things spoiled, love Shanghai would do such a thing. Just imagine, if his own son would you put him in my hands, spoil or protect a spoiled child and all love and their son

2, the authority of the four major portals like

website in the early days of the Internet has been gradually developed, many websites has incomparable role in resource and social influence. Besides, the four portals can survive today, not only depend on the love of Shanghai, but in terms of resources and content construction has very high accumulation. With the early Internet concept is lacking, these four major portals is synonymous with the Internet, the accumulation of a large number of users and a high popularity, and has very high reference value in terms of credibility. Therefore, this small series of the sites down to second, mainly is the domain name and the set up time is long, and the brand value and influence in the public mind.

1, Shanghai’s own son love level


we all know, even if a person in strong, can’t all ranked first. For example, Samsung mobile phone market share is the highest, but in some areas is still less than Apple Corp. The Internet resources in Shanghai is the same, the calculation of love is strong, all their products are used, not all resources may originate with the love of Shanghai. In vertical sites, such as car home, easy car network, know these provide information or resources for specific industries, output in certain resources and value. Take love Shanghai or the four portals can provide resources and burden of these sites in terms of capital investment, do the vanguard of vertical website. Love in the Shanghai circle, this is the third class, to make up for their lack of. Also some news media is the same.


3, the news media and the vertical web site

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