How to quickly launch the popular keyword optimization

if written:

different keywords can be divided into popular keyword and non popular keywords, popular keywords is of high commercial value, optimize the key competitors, non popular keywords are popular keywords, general commercial value and optimize the competitors scanty. Equivalence of different keywords should adopt different optimization technique, different optimization efforts. The author talks about how to share the following popular keywords to optimize short-term on-line:

XX Logistics Co. Ltd. in Foshan to provide professional logistics freight service, Foshan. Tel: 0757-857XXX3 1379861XX08 then the weights will not.

The title and description of


chain is crucial for a website! Even if the quality of our external link is good, but not so good connection structure for the website of the overall ranking is only shibeigongban results. With the chain optimization method this article Shanghai lovely "chain ten principles".

XX Logistics Company Limited is a set of logistics in Foshan, Foshan Foshan freight transport in one modern logistics company, logistics company in Foshan, Foshan freight company, among the best in Foshan transport company.

Optimization of

title to highlight the website of the "central idea", shows that the theme and the core content of the website, and the best to set a unique title, if the title was similar to other sites too, so that no weight station high will have a bad effect. The description is one of the main points of my personal values, how to better grasp the key words and key words collocation will directly affect the level of weights given in the description of love in Shanghai. As the station actually described as:

whether it is popular keywords or popular keywords, need the support of the chain. Based on the author’s experience, to get good rankings in the short term, only to those few forum site outside the chain, write some soft text is not possible, because you’re not the only one who will send, your competitors will, maybe they made you strong. How about that? I suggest not all day to those people will be to send the chain of the forum, they have not been to the place to do outside the chain, but also to.

content associated with the quality of

Optimization of

popular keywords want to get good rankings to website than other excellent websites.

site link optimization


must update the content around the target keywords related to quality, and the content is high, high originality and readability. Optimization of popular keywords is best to do every day to update the article, which can update the snapshot. To make reasonable words there is the article, the author generally in the first one, the middle of the first sentence and the last paragraph first sentence insert keywords and links to the home page.

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