Why doesn’t Hongkong have a unicorn investor t takes guts to actually start a businessGao Xiaosong

three months ago, in December 18th, also in Sina micro-blog, Gao Xiaosong also announced the "curtain Xiao Song adventures":

two years ago, David · David Shin founded his own financial technology start-up company in Hongkong. He said that all his money was from overseas and that he had finally decided to close down. The company uses Ripple technology to transfer funds to businesses and banks.


‘s lack of entrepreneurship may create a self fulfilling prophecy. According to Pitchbook Data data, Hongkong technology start-ups last year only received $266 million in financing, only about 1/3 of Singapore’s technology start-ups.

Gao Xiaosong is certainly not a green hand "small", of course, clearly a talk show in China to handle scale broadcast, which can not step on the red line, which can play the edge ball. However, the more applause from the stage, the impulse to cross the heart will become more intense. At this point, the central – as Oprah Bai Yansong had recognized.

Gao Xiaosong’s popularity also gives a new meaning of ancient objects, set off after the hand string, walnut, the middle-aged man third revolution. In many people’s impression, waving a fan without being treated as a fortune teller, the history is only about three bits: 1994 CCTV version of "Three Kingdoms" in Zhu Geliang, 1979 Hongkong radio version of "Chu Liuxiang legend" Chu Xiangshuai, third is the folding hand in hand with Gao Xiaosong, he raised a fan in twenty-first Century a new life in the media.


venture investors, business professor and hard work of the who said that Hongkong lacks the unicorn enterprises, departments from the area preference can provide stable jobs and financial Real Estate Company, a company culture without love, there is the risk of self development of science and technology at the beginning of claims. At the same time, usually target to invest in real estate, retail start-ups, and not to the industry in Hongkong constituted a true threat, because Hongkong is the industry at present by Li Jiacheng, Li Zhaoji and a few other billionaires, they can kill any challenge.

Gao Xiaosong is probably the most remarkable China crossover Star: he is waving white folk singer, since 80s the preservation of the universe’s largest electricity supplier Ali entertainment strategy committee chairman, Youku, Iqiyi from the high road of nomadic talk show storytellers, occupy the position of gold Bookstore perennial best-selling author, and a short distance the film director.


Tencent technology news June 8th, according to foreign reports, small European countries have a unicorn enterprise, Czech Republic also has one. Although China’s economy is larger than the sum of the two European countries, Hongkong does not own a big Unicorn enterprise valued at or above $1 billion.


Gao Xiaosong fans this completely out of food.


Regal controls

, a British consulting firm Preqin, reported in May 19th that the Hongkong technology start-ups had received only 10 financing so far this year. At the same time, the Chinese mainland technology start-ups won 503 financing; South Korea won 51 pens; Singapore and Japan received 37 and 36 pens respectively.

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risk level is very low," University of Hong Kong business professor Ali · law Ali Farhoomand said on the mound. "Hongkong is a society that has a conservative model of earning money, and young people are basically confined to stereotypes." Method between Mende said he accepted the innovative curriculum students the vast majority are from the mainland or overseas Chinese. "I am very surprised about it. It gives you a sense of what’s wrong with Hongkong."

"recorded last December 30th" Xiao Song "about, right after the closing time. It was read nine hundred million times in two years and seven months. Coupled with "Xiao said" the six hundred and fifty million broadcast, which is equivalent to being a national eye. Thank you Going to rest a few months, the president is working to Ali entertainment, books museum also plans to open a leisure travel, visiting relatives and friends and visit. As for the next stall, where are you? What do you recommend,

"big brother to brother fast! This year in overseas kaijiangtuotu Ali entertainment writer, was regularly home video, but I will have two legs clenched into a fist to everyone! And the total weight to maintain the spirit of old wonderful mentor, presumably brilliant! Thankfully, Yong song. "

now, idol is tired. The complaint on micro-blog is the precursor to Gao Xiaosong’s exit from the current hot talk show.

in March 1st, Gao Xiaosong issued a tweet on Sina micro-blog, announcing the termination of the collaboration with "wonderful saying":

"someone asked why Iqiyi showed 800 million of the total number of broadcasts, and here it was 900 million, because there were 17 more than 100 million of the broadcasts coming off the shelves 14 Taiwan 3 victory shadows.". "Xiao said" is the Korean War, the battle of Shanghai and I in the 9 frame under the title evaluation. Two other records were recorded: Changchun siege and Yanan women. Plus, forced to drive two skylights. These add up to complete transcripts. "

market research firm CB Insights statistics show that there are currently 166 global Unicorn enterprises, and there are 50 companies will soon be among the ranks of unicorns. Even the African nation of Nigeria, already have a unicorn, but as long as China foreign trade mainly transit to Hongkong, but the GDP in the first quarter on quarter decline, has become one of the worst economic performance in asia.

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