Look at several aspects of the website of Shanghai Longfeng essential love from Shanghai Webmaster T





, sitemap,

love Shanghai new webmaster tools inside and after the upgrade, is now very easy to use, has also been a number of Shanghai dragon master recommended. Love from the beginning of last year, Shanghai focused on optimizing the work guide the webmaster do website, as love Shanghai himself said "Shanghai dragon is a very important job". So, love is certainly Shanghai webmaster tools is closely related with the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, to optimize the website, you must know where in Shanghai focus on the website optimization.

many webmaster used another template site, it is easy to ignore the problem of weight loss website code. Although this is a procedure, but the far-reaching impact on Shanghai and phoenix. Whether it is love or noble baby Shanghai webmaster tools tools, will be for the web page code weightdown suggestions. First of all, a simple code to facilitate the search engine recognition site content, secondly, the key contents of the web page and highlight the independence, can reduce the similarity of web page on the Internet.

2, the website robot protocol

also love one Shanghai Shanghai dragon chain tool is also a weapon, made of XML format like sitemap, you can see the update date submitted.

4, the anchor text link

robots protocol, spiders access file to. Early in the website construction, set the robot protocol can effectively prevent lying in the gun, huh. In addition, the robot protocol can also be used to prevent "weight loss, such as a web site on social platforms (such as micro-blog, QQ share).

chain tools love Shanghai, know your chain is so little. In the eyes of love Shanghai, link anchor text is the real source of the link, the chain is a one-way link anchor text. Think before do the chain is basically crazy mass of pure text outside the chain, the weight is only a little bit. This tool can also analyze the source of the chain and the proportion under the master, that is very instructive for the construction of the chain in the future.


5, website >

3, the website weight loss

1 website linksA

file is necessary site map index (sitemap.xml), frequently updated sites must set a dynamic sitemap, which is very effective to love Shanghai spiders, sitemap that the spider can focus on grasping the latest content. We all understand the love of spiders in Shanghai was not of noble baby spiders crawl depth, so that the map can give better guidance spider love Shanghai.

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