Why Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult

Shanghai ER


search engine algorithm improvement


  dragon business mentality change;We do not know whether the

cannot locate the demand point

 Any   the lack of resources optimization in Shanghai dragon;

no matter what industry which resource occupation, the importance is self-evident, in a certain extent can be said that resources can decide whether success or failure, Shanghai dragon.


recently decided the website included more and more difficult, even highly original artifacts can hardly be included. At this time many in the Shanghai dragon friends began to anxiety, why tangled love Shanghai not included my website content every day? Through various channels to find the answer, of course, Xiao Bian is praised for this attitude. But a lot of people are included because of the positive things a serious blow to their work, do not update the content in fixed time, but how to improve included in every day. This is not desirable, in fact, many sites will not be included in large part can provide high quality to the content, so Xiaobian recommend to write original content, keep updated every day, certainly have included.

recently heard around in Shanghai Longfeng friends are saying Shanghai Longfeng do more good! Indeed Shanghai dragon ranking is not like before so simple, as long as the simple hair outside the chain, update the article to the home page. The search engine in the perfect will of course for people who work in Shanghai, the increasingly high demand. The following author Hu Xiaofei is specific for everyone to talk about why Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult

search engine algorithm will be in continuous improvement, improve the algorithm means that the search engine will be more in line with the needs of users, so the content of the website for increasingly high demand. Shanghai recently launched hurricane love algorithm aimed at fighting collection sites, in fact, or for the purpose of improving the quality of Internet content, so as to provide higher quality services for users. In the face of changing the search engine algorithm in the Shanghai dragon only can do is to provide high quality content, really do for customer service. The user is the purpose of God

did not see a lot of website ranking, a big reason is the site layout content structure and so on are not in line with the user, the spider’s demand, resulting in some spiders to crawl content is highly repetitive content, the content is not in accordance with the needs of users, for a long time, this spider site is rubbish site. After the user visits the site but also the whole website to find him what they want, so directly to the user to bring trouble, users have no reason to stay in such a long time on the site, which led directly to the site out rate. Regardless of the site navigation layout content layout need to layout by analyzing the needs of users, allowing users to access after the first glance you can see you want to understand the matters.

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