The link field and the advantages of Shanghai dragon on meaningless game

please indicate the source!

then link field what characteristics? The best Shanghai dragon again list a few link field features:

When do you work in

second: link field on request link is all comers, all the above links are out of order and have no relation to what.

: the first link in the field of content and your site content there is no relationship, whether it is the theme of the site or the content.

for the link field we do believe that Shanghai dragon friends are not unfamiliar, in fact, the so-called link refers to the entire page filled with large and all kinds of links, but no words on these links to explain, this is the so-called "link. In the link field, which links all the contents of these links are links to other websites or other link field.

used to have a lot of black hat had used this method to enhance the site’s ranking, but now the search engine has the link field can make good judgments, as search engines, they are anathema to such a link field, because these pages there is no point for users. As long as once they are found, the site would have been immediately completely shielding the search engine.

third: link field URL is very long, and stored in a deep directory, difficult to be found by search engine crawlers.

fourth: link field managers sometimes email to inform you that you have made that link to the site, I also hope you do on his link.

know the above points, then the link field is well recognized. Don’t in order to increase the number of the chain, and blindly into the link field. Make sure your own site links "is true", is designed for site visitors not to search engines and web pages.

Author: 贵族宝贝

so the link owners must pay attention to, have to carefully check the placement of their links to web sites is the link field. If you receive a request to exchange links, the links to carefully check the website to ensure the content and own site theme is relevant, if not related, and is just a pile of garbage link, then please pay attention. Once the field and link up, then you will link field because the punishment of the search engine and incidental punishment.

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