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here needs to be stressed is that the use of nofollow tags for a small website didn’t seem so important, after all, small website article data was not much, even if you do not have nofollow, also not on the spider crawling efficiency how much influence, but for the large scale website, it is particularly important. Because of the large sites tend to solve the problem of tens of thousands of articles included, if we can make good use of nofollow, often make included good promotion.

nofollow tag was mentioned in some articles in the Shanghai dragon and did not like the original articles and update the anchor text and these related topics, but nofollow tags have a lot of time in Shanghai, which is necessary to use the Dragon’s. The nofollow tag, you can understand this is a popular point: this tag is a hyperlink, tell the search engines, do not need to capture and track this link.

we know that every spider come to our site, and not every once put all the web pages we have to climb again, but also have time to grab, for a moment, a part of the page after he left, and then next time. Because of this, the nofollow tag is necessary, we put those who do not need to be included and ranking page, use nofollow to avoid the frequent crawling spider, the more opportunities for other important pages, then let the spider come in at a time, in a limited time, a lot of crawling.

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I think about nofollow, the key is reflected in the increased efficiency of the spider crawling. Of course, some other use is there, for example, the weight transfer ban, this is to make full use of the junk message etc.. On this topic, in Shanghai love to support the nofollow tag in an article also mentioned it.

on our site, often there will be some need to exist, but there is no need to look forward to the ranking page. For example: contact us, online consultation and so on this page, this page is for the user needs to design, we often need to have thought this page of Shanghai dragon to get ranking, this is pointless. So, why let the spider crawl the page frequently a waste of time?

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