Can not be ignored 15 key trends in the horse micro business platform

this Spring Festival, a variety of micro business is to do the limelight: Pocket shopping, think port, Korea and other micro business enterprises have thrown a lot of attention in the Spring Festival gala. Before the Spring Festival, WeChat’s public number MLM ban also let the industry for the development of micro business who have a sweat. Regardless of scenery or risk, marking the industry is experiencing a variety of flavors of growth.

billion state power network finishing in the past year, important changes in the domestic main micro business platform experience, these changes reflect more or less micro industry overall development status.

pocket shopping: a huge amount of money to finance


1, the completion of the third round of financing. In 2014 October, pocket shopping high-profile announced the completion of the third round of financing, financing amounting to $350 million, it is worth noting that the increase of Tencent Daikin main this round of financing, the investment of up to $145 million. This makes the original low-key pocket shopping unprecedented attention. Before the Spring Festival, the rich pocket shopping was hit heavily in the mobile phone QQ, WeChat issued a huge red envelopes, and buy gold Spring advertising, trying to raise awareness.

2, online buyers edition. November, pocket shopping for the seller’s mobile phone shop tools, micro shop officially launched the buyer version, revealing the intention to create a centralized traffic entrance. For this product line, explain the official micro store is to "solve the sellers brush sellers circle of friends", trying to form a pool of its own traffic flow, solve the micro business dilemma. This is a very good weight for the micro shop business, but the industry of this product is still not "(on-line micro shop), and advertising fees, traffic fees, train, diamond booth advertising, become another Taobao, meaning there are people in this kind?" to comment.

3, the introduction of ERP software services. February 2015, pocket shopping micro shop with the veteran ERP vendors Ding Jie software to achieve cooperation, the introduction of the latter ERP software services. Although the pocket shopping did not do too much to explain outside, but the signal behind this cooperation can not be ignored. The move reflects the micro shop in the business on the back-end systems, businesses have had beyond strength and power to disclose billion state power network, to join the micro shop is the prerequisite that the other side can develop a more mature membership system. Therefore, the introduction of micro shop ERP service providers, is the inevitable demand for large-scale development. In addition, the back-end systems mature, micro stores have more clout in recruiting large brands, retailers in the process of natural energy.

: Micro retail distribution systems betting on the future

1, complete the A round of financing. In July 2014, MSI announces A round of 30 million yuan investment. Almost in the same period, WeChat sea, little customer, such as WeChat third party service providers have also announced the acquisition of financing, so that WeChat’s service industry has become the focus of attention of the capital.

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