The thing Shanghai dragon must say small instruction help

sixth, intitle view Title Keywords: intitle as contained in title, when we use the intitle search command, will return to "contain the keywords in the title, so you can return more accurate results. For example, we study the degree of competition in a keyword, you can use the intitle command in the search engine, so that you can see to the keywords to target all competitors, can be very good to help us select the main competitor. Ordinary users can also use this command to find more in line with the information, the equivalent of a filtering function.

there are some instructions we can use, but some people do not often use, in fact, each instruction if everyone master it is very good for the improvement of search efficiency. The Shanghai dragon staff can be more clear for competitors, the use of these advanced instruction not only save time, a greater role in precise search. Well, today I will begin to share with your own words about these instructions as easy to understand, also welcome.

ninth, filetype specific documents: this directive is still very useful, for example, we want to search for e-books and DOC, TXT, PDF document, you can use this method, the main function is to return the type of search matching text >

do Shanghai dragon in the article must say: small instruction help (on), we show the complete information from double quotes, minus the result more accurate and noble baby, inurl contains an asterisk for web site, inanchor check the main five aspects of anchor text and share the advanced instruction search engine today, then the article to share.

That thing

allintitle, seventh words: this directive is to return to the page title contains multiple keywords of the document, such as Shanghai dragon we search and search engine optimization, use this instruction should be allintitle: Shanghai dragon search engine optimization, which is equivalent to the intitle: of Shanghai dragon intitle: search engine optimization. But this instruction is not easy to remember some words, too long, generally use intitle or more. But if you can remember the word, sometimes still can use the.

eighth and allinurl group results: this method is similar to that of inurl, which contains all the relevant results of search keywords return url. But one can only use inurl to search for a word, and use this time to search for a phrase. We feel the word do not remember words can be split, were split into three words, all, in and URL all, this is the full meaning, in is inside, contains the meaning of URL refers to the Chinese. It can use this command later in the search time.

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