Design examples of the title of the Shanghai love word theory Part 1


so if the search content contains both Chinese and English love Shanghai is how to deal with? Love Shanghai will English be treated as a separate, then English before and after the words as a single block. Try the search: Zheng Zhihua BT download, the results are as follows:

1, the passive behavior of search engine.


segmentation according to the matching string, the three most common word matching method, respectively. The maximum matching method, reverse maximum matching method and the shortest path morphology.

search engine receives the user’s search for content, can according to their own basic dictionary and Thesaurus special for the user’s query active participle, such as search: Zheng Zhihua seaman, love Shanghai according to its search thesaurus (guess: Name + name of the song Library Intelligent Library) these two words of Zheng Zhihua and seaman respectively query, search results such as:


a search engine query

How to

if the user according to their own wishes when Guan Jian in search of a word with spaces, punctuation, so the search engine optimization according to the behavior of the user query, this should be well understood! For example: love Shanghai search and search Zheng Zhihua seaman Zheng Zhihua seaman, the return of the result is not the same as this may! The examples also are not intuitive, give a more intuitive example, respectively: Zheng Zhi and Zheng Zhi chemical chemical search. The search results are as follows:

two, search engine how to segmentation and matching

1, what is the maximum matching method

see chart is very intuitive, the search engine optimization considering the user’s query behavior.

is the simple point that word from left to right, for example: love Shanghai Wulin, swordsman and legends are two different words, according to user search habits and Thesaurus analysis of love Shanghai will return a most positive.

active search engine


is one of the factors that affect the one page ranking in the search engine is the most important correlation, and most directly reflects whether a page and user search behavior is related to the title, then to write a title you can not go to the understanding of word segmentation principle of search engine! To love Shanghai as an example, through the perfect ten so, in search of love Chinese Shanghai is already a very efficient search engine, we will just as surely and water all know an efficient search engine work will involve a lot of technical points known, but if we put the complex search engine is simplified into three steps then respectively. Is that the query, segmentation, matching. We see examples of search engine is how to deal with it, in order to understand the more intuitive, we (the young seaman to love this song) Guan Jian experiment in Shanghai love words.

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