Chen Jun talks about the importance of Links friendship links on the web site

is the site high weight of the chain of


1, increase website traffic, this is a lot of website, effect is not large, there is, traffic is not much; because now the general web traffic itself is not high, how can Links website to bring more traffic. "

four, increase website traffic and reduce the rate of jump at the site of

Links is one of the high weight of the chain source website, this is no doubt, believe that every webmaster all know this. Why, Links is high weight chain? Because generally do Links is home. With respect to a website, the highest weight is the home page, only a handful of exceptions. So, Links is one of the sources of the site high weight chain.


Links can improve the site included, this is not nonsense, according to the. Why? Just like a little mentioned, Links increase the spider’s entrance. A very good position, high weight website, the search engine is friendly to it, as long as the site is given the vote, then the search engine’s identity. Otherwise, how could a rookie webmaster asked a veteran webmaster, my website for a long time not included, what method is solved? Laoniao will answer, you do not do what Links, friends of the chain, do some good Links, can pass Links to drive your site included.

Links can enhance the site in the search engine rankings, this is an indisputable fact, otherwise there will be Links said, because Links is a URL output, is a manifestation of the transmission link. Here, some people must know what is going on, webmaster friends must know, search engine spiders are the link to enter each site. The Links is a link, thus increasing the search engine spiders on site entrance, two sites do Links between the keywords ranking of a website is very good in the search engine, then the search engine spiders will always go to this website that didn’t climb a climb time will go to this website and the Links website once, in the course of time is not increased the keywords in the search engine ranking

, to improve the site keywords in the search engine rankings

as a qualified webmaster if you don’t know Links for the importance of the website, the justified. Because Links, as long as the good use, can improve the site in the search engine ranking, can improve the site included or is Links is one of the high weight of the chain site, only preliminary cite three examples of this Links knew how important on a website to speak, for a small and medium sized sites, no one site do not Links.

two, can improve the site included

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